Company Perks to Attract The Best Tech Employees

Equipsme, is a leading insuretech business in the health care sector, who started in 2018 with a mission to make health insurance plans simple, accessible and affordable. Now they help businesses of all sizes take care of their people, the self-employed take care of themselves and employees take care of their families – and their health.

One of the most important things for a tech startup is to keep up with other tech brands and offer an appealing package to attract the best new talent to the growing tech business. You’ll want to make sure you can offer your employees a business health insurance plan to help keep them fit and well and help them get back to work sooner if ill. That’s why Equipsme offer a number of flexible company health insurance plan options for businesses like yours.

At Equipsme they’ve designed their business health insurance plans to be flexible and affordable for tech start-up companies and their employees. Their award-winning plans provide options for businesses of all sizes, taking into consideration the business budgets for the company just as much as the quality of cover tech employees will need. You can mix and match cover levels for your team to help your budget stretch further and cover more of your work force, giving you the flexibility you need in the early days.


How much does a health insurance plan for tech startups cost? 


Depending on the size of your company and the number of people you employ, the cost of providing your team with private health cover will vary. Equipsme helps keep things simple and affordable as all ages 16-69 cost the same and there are only 4 levels of plan benefits: £7, £18, £30 or £42 per person per month.

Many firms have moved their operations to digital and online mediums. Tech employees are needed more than ever before. Modern technology companies need to recruit specific team members that will meet their needs in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With trends such as the rise of cybercrime and the increased focus on cryptocurrency, demand for individuals with experience in these areas is high.

These talented individuals have high expectations of the companies they work with. Offering a few choice company benefits is vital if you’re hoping to draw their attention.


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Group Life Insurance Policies


There are many hazards in tech. Employees in this sector risk their well-being often when they’re working with high-end machinery.

They would appreciate certain assurances. A quality group life insurance policy can meet that requirement. Drewberry explains the perks of this coverage well. The payouts to the tech employee’s family members are quick and tax-free, and it gives the tech employee complete peace of mind. After that, these workers may feel more motivated to do their best work.

Remember that nothing is more important than family and people will do anything to look after theirs. According to Drewberry, many employees say that group life insurance is in the top five benefits they want their company to offer. Meet that demand, and you’ll attract the best tech employees to your company.


Remote Work Opportunities


Tech employees likely understand the benefits of remote working better than anyone else. They may even be responsible for implementing these capabilities in a firm’s infrastructure. Amazon has attracted much bad press for the treatment of its workers. Nevertheless, they are allowing tech workers to work remotely indefinitely. There’s no excuse for your company to fall behind here if a business like Amazon can make a success of things.

Remote work allows tech employees to be flexible in their roles. Their jobs will be made easier as they can attend to many matters more efficiently. They may also be more comfortable and content working from home. After all of this, their performance could greatly improve.


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Travel Coverage


Some device and software problems require an in-person presence. Depending on the nature of their role, your tech employee may need to travel to resolve issues.

You must cover all of their expenses as they do this. Costs may vary between fuel and public transport so budget and set some money aside for them. Paying these fees shows that you value their work and have good faith in their abilities to see their tasks through.

If they are travelling to fix problems for clients, then they must do so without delay. If they arrive begrudgingly, it may also affect your B2B relations. The best tech employees will not tolerate paying out of their own pocket to perform their role, so keep them happy by covering travel expenses. Providing company cars could help with this too.


Wellness Packages


Tech workers do a lot of sitting down while staring at screens. Most of them will want more out of life than this.

Wellness packages can support them in leading a more varied lifestyle. Healthy food deliveries, gym membership fees, and mindfulness resources can all be provided here. Each offering can bring down the stress levels in your tech workers and help them feel more fulfilled in their work and their life in general.

IT staff can sometimes feel as if they blend into the background. Other stereotypes exist too around fitness and social mobility. Giving them the resources to dismantle these stigmas will undoubtedly impact and earn you their loyalty.


Relaxed Dress Codes


No tech worker wants to be dressed formally for work. A polo shirt that features the company’s logo should be the extent of their smartness. Otherwise, tech staff should be able to wear casual clothing. The more comfortable your employees are, the better they will perform. They will also not dread coming to work either.

Keep in mind that other workplaces are increasingly moving away from formal dress codes as well. To demand your tech workers wear smart attire will surely make you stand out negatively.  Dress codes might seem like a trivial matter. Know that talented tech employees have likely accumulated much experience by now. Even subtle grievances can be a turn off for them, so perfecting their work conditions is key.

The perks listed above are likely to make the biggest impact on tech workers. It’s important to keep these workers happy as businesses become increasingly dependent on technology. Each offering can improve not only staff’s professional prospects but their general quality of life too. Think about your tech employees as individuals and tailor the benefits you offer accordingly. After that, everything should fall into place, and staff satisfaction should build.