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At TechRound, we are pleased to accept guest posts from industry experts so that they can share knowledge about the business and work. The difference is that all of our articles are produced with SEO in mind and once your article is submitted, you receive a strong follow link that will benefit your SEO.

  • Write a guest post
  • Share your knowledge
  • Receive a strong ‘follow’ link for SEO

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Same Day Promise: We are happy to put articles live the same day of receiving them.

Cost: £100 per article (discounts available for bulk purchases)



But wait, aren’t guest posts for SEO bad?

Not from TechRound.

There has been a lot of talk that using guest posts as a way to get links for SEO is not a good thing. From 2005 to 2013, SEO practitioners realised that guest posting was a quick and easy way to get links on a website and choose the exact anchor text as well – and it would work successfully. However, when Google updated their algorithm in 2014, they decided to punish those links in guest posts on a large scale because they want quality links to be ‘earned’ and not acquired easily. If were victim of a Google penalty you could instantly find your website going from page 1 to page 10 or being wiped off Google altogether.

HOWEVER, guest posting can be good too, as mentioned by Matt Cutts, the SEO guru for Google. He explains that guest posting for SEO can be good providing it comes from a genuine source, such as an industry expert, and they are sharing their knowledge and it gains real users and visitors.

TechRound – The Best Way To Do Guest Posting For SEO

We have worked hard to accumulate strong links on our website and only provide content that is useful to our readers. In doing so, we have developed a clean and sensible way to do guest posting which is beneficial for SEO.

Whilst you write the content yourself, we will review the article so that it is SEO-friendly, this includes checking the number of links you use, keyword density, meta-data, headings and more – so you are maximising the SEO value from your article.

Where Our Links Come From

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Some Guest Posting Examples

Ranking on page 1-3 Google for ‘SEO updates,’ ‘Latest SEO Updates’ and ‘Google Penguin Updates’








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