Meet Jonathan Squires, CEO of High-Growth FinTech Investment Platform, is a high-growth global FinTech innovator leading the UK leveraged trading industry in overall client satisfaction. In 2020, the group saw its client base surge by 700% globally, while volume of trades on increased by 65% over the same period.

This growth has continued into 2021, with the platform reporting a 400% growth in new clients in the first half of 2021 compared to H2 2020. The company also recently announced its expansion into Australia and Asia. We sat down with CEO Jonathan Squires to understand what makes unique.


jonathon squires
Jonathan Squires, CEO of High-Growth FinTech Investment Platform,


Can You Tell Us About The Company?

We set up with one goal in mind, to make trading and investing accessible to everyone. Traditionally, access to financial markets has been confined to large institutions, because of the high barriers to entry and excessive complexity. We don’t think this is right. This is why we built a web and mobile-based platform that is simple to use, fairly priced and equipped with large amounts of educational content.

One of the things that makes us different is our focus on education and AI-powered technology that analyses trade behaviours and aims to help traders make better trading choices. We believe that everyone, with the right amount of research and online learning support, can learn to trade. Building a solution that helps traders become more confident  with their trades, is what we are focused on.

That’s why we launched our free education app, Investmate, which allows us to do exactly that. The app is built to make complicated finance as straightforward as possible. Our app delivers extensive financial lessons and educational content in a clear and plain interface to support our traders in their investment journey. It offers bite-sized courses and lessons which are presented in the form of handy cards and identifies biases and unconscious behaviour in order to help traders reduce emotional biases and improve their approach to trading.

So Your Goal is to Make Your Traders More Successful?

That’s right. We put our clients at the centre of everything we do. This is why we always listen carefully to our clients’ feedback in order to constantly develop our trading platform functionalities, increase our product offering, give access to more and qualitative educational and market analysis content. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to become successful in their trading journey and it is our role to provide them with a full set of professional tools and services to help them improve.

Our advantage is that we move a lot of the complexity of the user interface behind the product, allowing all levels of traders to find what they want as quickly as possible.

We are close to launching a powerful AI-enabled function which will give tailored feedback to traders, helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses, fill in their knowledge gaps and ultimately trade on a more informed basis. We are the first trading platform to offer this technology.


Can You Tell Us More About How This AI System Works?

No two traders are the same. Trading behaviour is a result of a diverse range of factors ranging from behavioural biases and market knowledge to risk appetite and emotional state. Our algorithm can help traders understand the unconscious processes informing their decisions, identify some of their weaknesses and knowledge gaps and provide the bespoke feedback and training they need to overcome those weaknesses.

This feature will be available to all traders and will analyse user and market data, along with millions of trades annually, to find out what makes traders tick and create a personalised interface based on their interests for each user.