Breaking News – People Are Panic Buying SEO


Recent reports show a surge in panic buying for SEO, also known as search engine optimisation.

The techniques used to boost website rankings on Google’s search results appear to be in short supply, following a recent burst of people trying to buy petrol, toilet paper and Christmas turkeys.

“It was only a matter of time,” says Daniel Tannenbaum, founder of Tudor Lodge Digital, an SEO consultancy.

“We know that SEO makes the world go round. One day you’re checking the weather on Google or looking for a plumber near me, next thing you’re booking a holiday on TeleText and going to your local library to rent a book. These are desperate times.”


“There may not be enough content to go around”


But Why Would There Be a Shortage of SEO Supply?


“Well it’s not impossible.” explains Tannenbaum, whilst gingerly holding his medal for second place in Hartsbourne Country Club’s annual ping pong tournament from 2019.

“SEO is crucial for some businesses, especially in industries such as finance and insurance. If Google Ads became too expensive or inaccessible and if practising SEO became too hard and less and less people offered it, it could become in short supply.”

“In fact, SEO is far more specialist than its counterpart PPC and over the years, less and less agencies have offered it, or it makes up less of their value proposition.”

“If there was a panic buy for SEO, the existing suppliers would not cope.”


“If you passed a technical audit on SEMrush or Screaming Frog, you are probably OK, but you should probably get a test in 24 hours again, just in case.”


Tudor Lodge co-founder, David Soffer, commented:

“Yes, it is true. If people really knew the value of SEO and how much it could grow your business, you would be filling up with keywords and links, rather than petrol.”

“Maybe there’s no shortage of SEO per se, but there is a shortage of people who can do it well.”





What Else Could Be in Short Supply?


From backed up lorry drivers, energy suppliers and a lack of CO2, there are a number of potential every items that could become scarce due to supply chain issues and a lack of labour resources.

From beer cars, bicycles, construction materials, Christmas trees, electronics and cars, this may be a frantic time for Britons, but also an opportunity to embrace alternatives, local suppliers and more economical opportunities.

Or maybe it’s a time to start learning SEO.

Either way, I’ve stocked up on mangoes and watermelon and I have one more square of toilet paper going to the highest bidder if anyone is interested?