The Superstar of Sex Tech

Sex tech is a growing market, partially thanks to the global lockdowns. Certain brands are capitalising on this increased demand for sex tech and taking the opportunity to disrupt the market.

The Rise of Sex Tech

It is no secret that sex tech has taken the world by storm. They were already causing a stir at the start of 2020 with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Since lockdown, sales soared. According to research, the start of lockdown in April saw online sales of sex toys across the UK more than doubled. This appetite for sex toys remained high across the rest of 2020. In the US, there was an incredible 87% increase in sex tech sales in 2020. The same findings have been reported across Asia and Australasia as well.

Market Potential

According to the American Sexual Health Association, 21% of women live with the female orgasmic disorder (FOD) – the inability to achieve orgasm despite arousal. This is formerly a sphere in which women have been largely ignored, whilst billions are spent on drugs and clinical treatments for the same issues in men. Juniper Research forecasts that the total number of sex tech devices in use within the UK will reach 2.5 million by 2025.

Award-Winning Sex Tech

Lora DiCarlo products stepped into the limelight in 2019’s CES causing quite a scandal. The company, launched in 2017, made headlines when they received the Innovation Award in Robotics for their lauded product, Osé. The award was rescinded (and later reinstated( for its “obscene” nature, yet Lora DiCarlo was responsible for bringing sex tech as a recognised category to the showroom floor for the first time in 2020. Now it has established itself as one of the most recognised companies in the history of the CES Innovation Awards in the Robotics and Drones category. The products, which are designed by women for women, utilise the best of technological advances and sexual robotics.

New Collaboration

Now, another famous face is joining the team. Lora DiCarlo announced that Cara Delevinge, esteemed model, actress and style icon, has joined their team as co-owner and Creative Advisor. In her new role, Cara will use her voice and platform to inspire and encourage humans to embrace their sexuality with positivity and confidence, sharing their unified values of unapologetically celebrating sexual exploration and working to destigmatise sexuality.