Casinos Not on GamStop and Less Restrictive Gambling Options

Recently, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) began clamping down on British online gaming operators, forcing them to implement new measures that make the online slot experience, in their words, less intense. These moves have inadvertently given rise to casinos not on gamestop, or gambling sites that exist outside the UKGC’s mandatory self-exclusion network. Such casinos not blocked by GameStop are alluring to UK players because they offer more freedom when it comes to playing games of chance over the internet by allowing the use of many functions that the UKGC has now outlawed. What follows below is an in-depth analysis of non GamStop casinos and how they differ from UKGC-regulated ones.

How Does the Self-Exclusion Scheme GamStop Work?

The UKGC is Brittan’s gambling regulator, established in 2005, with the passing of the Gambling Act. It replaced the Gaming Board for Great Britain in 2007 as the chief non-departmental body of the government that oversees all things gambling-related.

In March of 2020, the UKGC made it mandatory for all its licensed operators to participate in the multi-operator self-exclusion scheme known as GamStop. It did so to help curb gambling addiction among Brits.

GamStop is a network in which over two hundred UK operators connect and share self-exclusion information regarding their user bases. That means if a player chooses to activate the self-exclusion option at one of them, that enforces a mandatory ban that stops him/her from playing at any other site within this network until his chosen self-exclusion period elapses. An activated self-exclusion cannot get canceled. The player in question must wait for his selected period to pass before he can ask to get reinstated as an active gambler at UK online casinos.

All platforms that participate in this network have attained a UKGC license to offer their services to UK residents. Therefore, they all implement the new restrictive measures that this organization imposed at the start of 2021. These include bonus limitations, lower max bet limits, spin timers, no auto-play, and more.

Who Regulates Casinos Not Blocked by GameStop?

Are there any casinos not on GamStop? Yes, online casinos not on GamStop have a base of operations in a foreign country that has legalized online gambling. Though, such a region may have only legalized the practice of supplying gaming licenses to businesses that wish to offer their services internationally, but not locally. Some of the more established such spots include Panama, Curacao, Malta, and Costa Rica.

Most of these foreign regulators have been active in the gambling industry longer than the UKGC, implementing many of the same security measures that ensure player safety and game fairness. For example, eGaming Curacao is a credible gambling licensor that got established in 1996. It obligates its licensed operators to feature advanced SSL encryption and get subjected to algorithm testing by independent agencies like iTech Labs or eCOGRA.

Are Online Casinos Not on GamStop Legal to Use?

UK players do not have to worry about the legalities involved in playing at non GamStop bingo sites and online casinos. British authorities have no history of prosecuting UK residents that choose to exercise this option, as many view it as a matter of personal choice. In the case of any liability, the legal burden shall fall on the operator that provides online wagering to Brits. That is so because, per UK law, only UKGC-licensed platforms can do so.  Yet, foreign operators still advertise their services to players in the UK since the government does not see this as a pressing issue and one worth taking action against.

That said, UK residents who have activated a GamStop self-exclusion should not look at reputable casinos not on GamStop as a way to circumvent this program and continue feeding their gambling compulsion. Only those that can practice proper impulse control should look to play at casinos not on GamStop. You can learn more at

What to Anticipate at Non GamStop Casinos?

Once the new UKGC measures came into power, many operators had to scale down their promotional offers, particularly limiting their VIP programs. They also had to introduce a permanent ban on the reversal of withdrawals, which was a function that allowed players to re-gamble funds that previously had requested to get removed from their balance. Casinos not on GamStop still permit this option, and they feature more enticing welcome bonuses.

Furthermore, they have no spin timers like those mandated by the UKGC, which do not allow reel rotations to stop in periods of less than two and a half seconds. Another essential aspect worth pointing out is that the casinos not on GamStop permit the use of credit cards, which the UKGC banned in April of 2020. So, they not only feature more diverse payment methods on offer but higher bet limits.

Sportsbooks Not on GamStop

The massive benefit of using offshore sportsbooks is that they feature a vaster array of sports betting markets while also providing the standard British ones. Their promo offer is also more unique than those at UK sites, and the odds they offer are more diverse.

Slots at Reputable Casinos Not on GamStop

Online casinos not on GamBan and GamStop feature reel-spinners that are unavailable in the UK market. That is so because developers have to seek UKGC approval to offer their products to Brits. That entails them fulfilling technical and market requirements. Thus, many refuse to go through this hassle and decide to focus on the international market. As mentioned above, auto-play is an option at these platforms, which feature higher wagering limits than UKGC-licensed casinos.

GamStop Sites vs. Non GamStop Casinos

Every category of online casinos has its benefits and drawbacks, as no one type reigns supreme over its competition.  Players should weigh all the aspects mentioned below before determining which gambling site they will choose as their gaming home.

GamStop Casinos

Benefits Drawbacks
UKGC’s strict regulation.

GBP is always available.

GamStop self-exclusion.

No fear of potential legal issues.

Protection of player funds.

Low max bet limits.

No auto-play.

Spin timers

Non GamStop Casinos

Benefits Drawbacks
Vaster game catalogs.

Diverse payment methods on offer.

Altcoins accepted.

More tempting bonuses.

Higher max bet limits.

GBP is not always accepted.

Foreign laws guide dispute resolution.


If UK players can access and register at an online casino existing outside of the GamStop network, they should not fear any legal consequences of their use of that service. In the case of any legal liability, authorities will prosecute the gambling site that chose to accept UK residents and not players that opted to sign-up with it. Those individuals were only exercising their right to test all options available when setting sail on their gaming adventure.

Casinos not on GamStop are attractive to most players because they feature less-established transaction options, richer game libraries, fresher slots, and, in general, they provide more freedom when gambling. Credible regulators oversee their activities, so they are almost as equally safe as UK sites, except they resolve disputes per foreign laws. If players can live with that disadvantage, they should check out a non GamStop casino today.