Discovering the Best Online Blackjack Bonuses

Bonuses are essential incentives that keep gamers coming back to play their favourite games. These funds allow you to play a few rounds of your best blackjack variations free of charge. Although bonuses are great, you have to look at several factors that determine whether they are worth claiming or not. Take a look at some of the ways you can discover the best online blackjack bonuses worth grabbing.

Sign up for Your Favourite Casino’s Newsletter

Gaming sites usually write newsletters to connect with their clients and roll out essential information to them. Every time the casino has an upcoming promotion, the management likes to inform the gamers in advance so that the players can prepare and invest in the bonus. If you sign up for your casino’s newsletter, you’ll be among the first people to learn about great blackjack bonuses even before they are activated. You’ll receive the newsletter in your email, meaning that you will not miss out on the deal even if you do not log onto the betting site often.

Search the Internet for Casinos That Offer Blackjack Bonuses

One easy way to find the latest and most sizzling blackjack bonuses is to consult the search bar. Your favourite search engine will load all results of the blackjack bonuses that casinos are offering. The internet is also packed with sites such as that review blackjack bonuses offered by various casinos. You could search for such websites and save yourself the hassle of hopping from one casino to the other trying to scout for blackjack bonuses.

Once you skim through the best offers, you can join the casinos that have these promos and take a chance on either the live or pre-set blackjack sets available in their games collection (learn more about blackjack bonuses at

Download Mobile Apps for Freebies

More betting sites are trying to get their clients to join the mobile gaming bandwagon. Some casinos offer their members a welcome freebie when they download a mobile app, and they keep releasing new promotions for their mobile gaming fraternity. The welcome bonus is the first prize you will claim once you download the app. It’s good to note that this freebie is only accessible to first-time app users, so do not try to uninstall the app then install it again to claim the offer twice. Veterans who’ve already claimed the welcome bonus can enjoy other freebies such as:

  • Cashback bonus
  • Deposit match bonus
  • Percentage bonus
  • Seasonal promotions

You can also redeem your complimentary points for cash and use the money to play your preferred blackjack variation.

Look Out for Blackjack Tournaments and Get Prizes

Once in a while, a casino can organise an internal tournament or team up with other sites and plan an external one. Most of the time, the organisers give out prizes to a few winners. But this is subject to change depending on the number of participants and the amount raised during the registration process. However, in rare cases, they give cash bonuses to other participants who didn’t do too well in the competition. You can scout for such tournaments, participate in them, and wait for your freebie regardless of your performance in the competition.

Follow up on Gaming Software Providers and Discover What They are up to

Some gaming companies team up with casinos to dish out free cash bonuses to players when they release new sets. These funds allow you to play the new game free of charge and test whether the game is worth the hype. Members of casinos that supports games by such software companies will receive newsletters and promo codes that give them access to the bonuses once the game is released. Another way to keep tabs on your favourite game providers are up to is to follow them on social sites or sign up for their newsletters.

Play in Casinos That Specialise in Blackjack and Other Table Games

A sure way to land the best bonuses for blackjack games is to play in casinos that specialise in table games. These casinos create promos that are tailored for table gamers. And the playthrough requirements are never too strict, so you’re sure you won’t have to spend your gift on other games trying to complete these recommendations.

Check out Casino That Have Favourable Wagering Requirements

When a casino offers you a bonus, they usually impose a set of rules known as wagering requirements. Suppose your choice internet casino mentions anything about playthrough requirements as terms of accepting the bonus. In that case, it means you have to play using the same amount you deposited and the bonus specific times before you can cash out your funds. For instance, if the bonus has a x20 wagering requirement and you deposited £10, and you received a £10 bonus, you’ll have to bet using £400 before you can withdraw your winnings. Try finding gaming sites that have lower wagering playthrough requirements or none.

Join Legitimate Casinos

Online casinos require several permits that allow them to offer their services to gamers across the globe. They also need to comply with the regulations of gaming control boards such as the UKGC and the MGA. Ensure that you thoroughly scrutinise a web casino to ascertain that it’s a genuine one before you sign up as a new member. Some sites are known to offer lucrative deals but pin stringent wagering requirements on their bonuses. As such, you will be forced to deposit hundreds if not thousands of pounds before you get the go-ahead to withdraw your winnings. Other sites even disappear with the winnings or make it hard for you to claim the bonuses.

Finding the best blackjack bonus can be hectic, especially if you’re new to the online gaming scene. However, you can utilise search engines and websites such as for information on the latest and best bonuses. Joining an online casino that offers only table games is another sure way to find the best blackjack bonuses. Finally, don’t hurry to sign up for a bonus before you read about the casino’s wagering requirements.