How to Play Bingo Online

Remember when your mother or your grandmother took you to a bingo hall when you were young? Remember walking away with a cuddly toy after an exciting Saturday afternoon or evening out?

Well, the game has moved on over the past two decades or so. With huge advances in technology in the 21st Century and with the ability to play bingo online being perhaps the largest change and improvement for the industry worldwide. Check out Umbingo to get a flavour.

Not only can you play bingo online across the world, but with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, you can play your favourite bingo game, from your favourite bingo provider whenever you wish and from literally anywhere you like. Many people play as their smartphone is connected to the internet whilst on public transport, or perhaps whilst waiting to be served in a restaurant, or simply relaxing in the local park. The internet has made online bingo more accessible than ever.

That said, in recent times, there have been changes in how gambling providers, including bingo game operators are able to advertise and promote their services and games, with many betting and gambling companies limiting their advertising in the UK.

It is therefore important to understand how to play online and it should also be stated that you should always play and gamble responsibly, only playing with and staking what you can comfortably afford to lose.

Getting Started Playing Bingo

There are countless new casinos in the UK popping up almost daily and most of them will have the same requirements and rules for you to get started playing bingo or any other online game. Provided you’re 18+, you can sign up to an online casino, such as Paddy Power, that offer bingo games for all devices. Once registered, all you need to do is enter a Bingo Room and then register your bingo alias. This is the name that you have chosen to be seen by the other players in the bingo and chat rooms.


How Much Does it Cost to Play?

Each bingo game has a cost of a ticket highlighted clearly in the lobby. Some operators will let you play from as little as 1p, whilst there are even free bingo games for you to get accustomed with the game. Free bingo games are a great way to get you started and to get you understanding how the game works, before you take the step up to playing for money and staking money.

Chat Features

Bingo players love to take advantage of the chat features that the rooms have to offer. The chat window will display messages from all the players that contribute to the room. The whole chat is often available throughout your stay, allowing you to catch up on the conversation in case you were away from the screen or distracted momentarily. Many bingo operators and game providers understand that many bingo players view themselves as part of a wider ‘community’ and so encouraging chat in-game has become a very popular feature over the years.

How to Win at Online Bingo

Once the game is underway numbers called usually appear in the top right-hand corner, depending on which operator you are playing with. The last number called is often displayed at the top of the screen and as many as the six previous numbers are displayed to the right of this.

A big ‘Winner’ message will appear on your screen displaying your alias and telling you whether you’ve won a single line, two lines or a Full House. Likewise, should another player in your game win, you will also see this along with the details of their win. The last couple of winners are usually displayed on this screen too.

Some operators are generous enough to offer consolation prizes and special games. Usually one player will be randomly selected as a consolation prize winner from the group that have not won during that game.

Collecting your Winnings

Whilst sports betting can often take time for bets to be settled, online casino operators are often very swift at paying out for casino and bingo wins. There’s a good chance you’re playing with an operator that pays out instantly. This means that the money is instantly deposited into your account and ready to be withdrawn when you’re ready to do so.