How to Win Boom City Live Casino | 2023 Ultimate Winning Guide

In the world of online gaming, the allure of Boom City Live Casino is undeniable. With its vibrant atmosphere and tantalizing opportunities to strike it rich, many players are diving deep into its offerings.

But how do you navigate this bustling casino hub and come out on top? Welcome to our Ultimate Winning Guide to Win Boom City Live Casino. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gamer, this guide will equip you with strategies and insights to enhance your chances of reigning supreme in the captivating world of Boom City. Dive in and read our Boom City Casino review!

Boom City Live Casino: Introduction to the game

Boom City Live Casino has taken the online gaming community by storm, thanks to its distinctive and innovative design by Pragmatic Play. Integrating a vibrant dice mechanism, it seamlessly merges the thrill of live casino experiences with a unique twist. The buzz surrounding the boom city live casino is palpable, with players eagerly awaiting to dive into this enthralling game.

A Glimpse into Boom City

At its core, Boom City challenges traditional live casino games with its distinctive dice-centric approach. Boasting a promising Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.43%, the game’s grand reveal at London ICE 2022 only increased its allure.

Game Details at a Glance


Specification Detail
Game Type Boom City Live Casino Game 
RTP 96.43%
Max Win 20,000x the stake
Streaming Quality 4k resolution Ultra HD

The Origin Story

Unveiled on July 27, 2022, Boom City veers away from the conventional wheel-based live casino models. Drawing inspiration from vibrant 80s neon aesthetics, the game immerses players in a retro, yet innovative atmosphere. Complementing the game’s vibrant aesthetics are its adept presenters, whose charisma and engagement amplify the playing experience.

How to Choose the Best Live Boom City Casino

How to Choose the Best Live Boom City Casino involves several critical factors that players should consider for a superior gaming experience. Firstly, look for a casino with a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, often evident through positive user reviews and licensing from reputable authorities.

The quality of streaming, ensuring no lags or glitches during your play, is essential. It’s also wise to consider the range of bonuses and promotions offered, as these can significantly enhance your gaming capital. Additionally, the casino’s customer support responsiveness and the security measures in place, such as SSL encryption, are paramount. Taking the time to research and compare these factors will lead you to the best Live Boom City Casino tailored to your preferences and needs.

Gameplay of Boom City Live Casino

At its heart, Boom City centers around a dice-based gameplay, articulated through two engaging betting phases.

Phase One – Main Roll

The primary aim of this phase is to accurately predict the dice roll’s outcome. Here are the primary betting options:

– Orange 1x fields
– Grey 2x fields
– Gold 5x fields
– Red Bust field
– Power Up
– Dice Battle
– Boom or Bust
– Lucky Drop

Phase Two – Bonus Rounds

Diving deeper into the game, players encounter four distinct bonus rounds:

– Dice Battle: A duel between blue and gold, where the dice are rolled thrice and the side with the highest total reigns supreme.
– Boom or Bust: A strategic round where players navigate a grid, making pivotal decisions between rolling or cashing out.
– Lucky Drop: A simpler round where dice dictate the instant payout multiplier, based on the number of times a column’s number is rolled.

Strategies for Boom City

With a game as intricate as Boom City, strategic gameplay is paramount.

Why Betting on Bonuses is Crucial

Betting on bonuses in Boom City isn’t just a strategy; it’s an experience. These rounds encapsulate the true essence of the game, amplifying both thrill and potential rewards.

Luck vs. Strategy

While the core of Boom City revolves around chance, a sprinkle of strategy can significantly elevate one’s gameplay. Understanding the RTP and deploying calculated bets can indeed turn the tides in favor of the player.

Payouts and Rewards

Navigating through Boom City can lead to remarkable rewards, especially when players venture into the captivating bonus rounds.

Basic Payouts

Centered around the game’s essence, basic payouts revolve around:

– 1x multiplier: Abundantly available, representing a significant portion of the game’s makeup.
– 2x multiplier: Slightly rarer, offering double the stake.

The Allure of Bonus Rounds

Diving deep into the bonus rounds can unlock exponential rewards. Although achieving the theoretical maximum payout of 20,000x is a daunting feat, with the right blend of luck and strategy, players can experience mind-boggling returns.

Boom City Live Casino isn’t merely a game; it’s a revolution in the realm of live casino gaming. With its unprecedented dice mechanics, exhilarating bonus rounds, and the promise of unmatched rewards, it stands as a testament to innovation and thrill. For those eager to experience a game that breaks boundaries and sets new standards, Boom City awaits!