Michael Saylor Issues Indiana Jones-Like Bitcoin Tweet, Igniting BTC Community

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Michael Saylor is the founder and chairman of MicroStrategy and a Bitcoin advocate. Recently, Saylor took to his X (formerly Twitter) account, sharing an Indiana Jones-like message with his followers about Bitcoin and exciting the crypto community.

The message that Saylor shared was clear: promoting Bitcoin and warning investors against other digital currency investment options.


Bitcoin Backing and Adoption


Saylor is not alone in his opinion that Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency available. Because Bitcoin was the first crypto ever created, it has many die-hard fans who value it over other virtual assets. This can also be seen in the number of crypto holders who own Bitcoin.

Of the reported 420 million worldwide cryptocurrency holders, 219 million of those people own Bitcoin. In addition, Bitcoin is one of the most widely adopted digital coins, with practical uses like purchasing e-commerce items, paying for holidays, gambling at casinos online and even purchasing real estate.

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts believe Bitcoin is better than other coins because it is not only a store of value for investors, but has real-life purchasing power. Travel sites like Travala allow crypto holders to book and pay for trips around the world using Bitcoin. BTC casino sites let bettors buy-in, wager, and withdraw their winnings with Bitcoin.

Alexander Reed shares that crypto casino sites are often licensed and registered in countries with lenient gambling rules. For example, bettors in the UK may want to bet at crypto casinos not on GamStop in order to bypass any tough local rules, because these sites won’t typically be registered in the UK. In some places, Bitcoin holders can even purchase plots of land or homes using Bitcoin, showing that even though Bitcoin is virtual, it can purchase physical goods and pay for real services.


Saylor’s Message


Saylor understands all of these benefits of Bitcoin and is a firm believer that Bitcoin is the king of all crypto. Because of that, Saylor took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his thoughts recently. Sharing his thoughts about Bitcoin is not new for Saylor, who commonly tweets on X with positive Bitcoin news.

Saylor’s company, MicroStrategy, has been making regular BTC purchases over the last four years, so spreading positive Bitcoin tweets makes sense for Saylor who is a long-term investor in the coin.

This time, Saylor’s message was similar to a message heard years ago in an Indiana Jones movie. The message took the form of a warning and matched a warning given by the knight who guarded the holy grail in “Indian Jones and the Last Crusade” movie. The message, or warning, simply said: “Choose wisely” with a Bitcoin hashtag and a colorful Bitcoin image to accompany the eerie message.

Michael Saylor is a self-proclaimed “Bitcoin Maximalist”, so this message is spot-on for him and his tight-knit community of BTC supporters. Saylor even went as far as sharing recently that he believes other altcoins should be ‘unregistered securities’ and that he does not consider them to be cryptocurrency coins in competition with Bitcoin.

In fact, in a recent public statement, Michael Saylor mentioned that he believes “XRP, SOL, ADA, and ETH” are not actual digital currencies. Saylor went on to say that he soon expects to see all altcoins to be labeled as securities. Once that happens, Saylor believes that only those holding Bitcoin would survive.

While Saylor has unique views on digital currency, and Bitcoin in particular, many agree that Bitcoin is the best and most reliable crypto in the market today. Not only has it been around the longest, but it also has the most practical day-to-day uses. It can be used both as an investment tool or to purchase goods and services similar to fiat currency, making it practical and useful in everyday life.

—TechRound does not recommend or endorse any financial, investment or gambling advice. All articles are purely informational—