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TechRound is an online magazine dedicated to tech, startups and business in the UK. We offer an easy way to carrying out link building for SEO – simply get in touch to provide an article about your company or client and you will receive a follow link that will benefit your SEO.

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What Is Link Building for SEO?

Linkbuilding remains one of the most important factors for SEO (search engine optimisation). Of course, other factors such as content, mobile, indexing and user experience play a huge role, but the quality and number of links pointing to your website can be the difference between being on Google and not. The idea of link building is based on the quality of citations that are passed on from one site to another, and every time you receive a link, it is like you are being “recommended” by that website or company. So, the more quality links pointing to your website, the better you can expect your search rankings on Google to be.

Think of backlinks as a stream or flowing river – the links pass from one site to another and this ‘link juice’ is continuously passed onto to the next site and so on.

According to Backlinko, of all the 200 ranking factors that contribute to SEO, they identity that 47 of them are related to links.

Google’s search algorithm is constantly updated and a big update is made around once a year. Every time, the algorithm is refined and cleaner backlinks are always high on the agenda, with poor backlinks leading to penalties including your website dropping 10 pages on Google or falling off altogether.

What Are Good Links For SEO?

A good link for SEO always comes from a reputable source and the best ones possible are from big news such as the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Mail. Other strong sources include Government (.gov) and Education (.edu,, websites as these are trusted in Google’s eyes and every time you receive a link from their sites, it is like you are being voted or endorsed by them. However, achieving links of this quality is usually very hard without big PR budgets and can seem impossible for small businesses. Therefore, more realistic link building can come from partner websites that you work with (accountants, law firms, web designers, affiliates etc).

techround-logoAt TechRound, we are pleased to offer clean SEO link building because we are a real company (with a real office) and our links have all come from reputable sources such as leading business and tech websites. To be featured, simply contact us today.

Ideally, you want to find links from news websites as this makes you look modern and current. Otherwise, you want to show that you are relevant in your industry, so if you have a website all about cooking and food, it makes sense to get links from food related websites and bloggers, rather than something completely off-topic like football.

What Are Bad Links For SEO?

Bad links for SEO are those that offer no real quality to the user experience and look like they were acquired too easily. This includes paid directories, blogs with no audience, fake looking companies and link-farms. By gaining these links on a large scale can stimulate a Google penalty and lead to terrible SEO results for you and your website.

How To Do Link Building Techniques

The smartest way to linkbuilding is by providing a good service and running a successful business as this will cause other websites to naturally link to you. Especially being an innovative company can grab the attention of journalists and get the process going.

On a similar note, creating useful content such as infographics, studies and research can be interesting for journalists who could pick up on it and give you a link in return. This may require some outreach and lots of emails to get their attention.

A very practical way to achieve good links is to reach out to quality news publications showing expert knowledge in your field. At TechRound, we are delighted to give publishers the opportunity to talk about the business and receive a strong follow link in return. Also, by choosing the anchor text, they have greater control over what wording is used and linked to their website.

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