Funding Zest Launches to Help Make Consumer Borrowing More Accessible and Affordable

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Funding Zest is excited to announce the launch of its new online loan connection service, dedicated to helping consumers find faster and more accessible funding.

When customers apply online, they request between $100 and $35,000 and within 5 minutes get paired with the lender most likely to fund their loan. They base loan approval on factors including the loan amounts, length of loan, as well as the customer’s income and credit history.

The company was founded by Elizabeth Harvey, who has over 10 years in the consumer finance industry across the US and the UK.

“I set up Funding Zest in 2021 and the name came from my favorite kitchen tool the zester! Zest adds so much flavor and life to any dish. I equated it to how Funding Zest adds life to consumer goals. Hence the bright green of our website.”

“I spent years studying the short-term lending market in the UK and realized that what I’d learned could make a real impact in the US online lending market. I mean there were tons of US local payday stores – well over 20,000 but online offerings needed a shake up.”



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“Online loans have been available for years in the states, but customers were getting short-changed. Their experience quality and ease-of-search for the right loan and lender was not up to par with where I felt it should be. The UK market already had its shake-up with loans alternatives, and technology.”

“Because Funding Zest is highly tech-driven, when customers submit their request for a loan online, it takes under 5 minutes. Then they an instant decision pops up on screen. We’ve instantly paired them with a lender most likely to approve their loan. Because we’ve streamlined our process, customers receive their loans in 24 hours, if not sooner – sometimes in 15 minutes or an hour.”

“Two more things worth noting are that it’s free to use our service and our soft-search method leaves no footprint in a potential customer’s credit history.”

Funding Zest considers all credit histories and backgrounds. If a potential customers applies for loan with poor or bad credit histories then alternate products may be recommended. Possibly ones that require an asset being put up as collateral, or loans with slightly higher rates as this is a higher risk loan for lenders.

In the states, payday loans and short term lending are legal at the state level not the federal. Currently 37 states offer this type of lending including Texas and California. They are not allowed in 13 states, including Massachusetts and New York.

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