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10 Startups In Finland To Watch In 2024

10 Startups In Finland To Watch In 2024

Finland, known for its innovative spirit and technological prowess, continues to be a fertile ground for startups.

In 2024, a diverse mix of companies are developing and revolutionising various industries with their cutting-edge ideas. Here are ten Finnish startups that are making waves and are worth keeping an eye on:


1. Saidot: Leading in AI Governance and Transparency



Saidot is spearheading a new era in AI technology by emphasising governance and transparency. This B2B SaaS company provides a platform that enables enterprises and governments to engage end-users in discussions about AI use, ensuring ethical deployment and management.

Saidot’s innovative approach includes impact assessments covering data protection, human rights, and more, alongside deployment guidance for sectors like transportation and human resources.

Their commitment to responsible AI usage positions Saidot as a key player in shaping the future of AI in a manner that is both ethical and user-centric.


2. Rentle: Reinventing Rentals and Subscriptions



Rentle is reshaping the way we think about product ownership and usage. By providing a platform for renting and subscribing to a wide array of items and services, from sports equipment to city tours, Rentle is promoting the circular economy.

This innovative approach extends the lifecycle of products, reducing waste and encouraging sustainable consumer behaviour. The platform’s versatility also allows for the sale or subscription-based use of items, making it a comprehensive solution for modern consumption needs. Rentle’s services reflect a growing trend towards access over ownership, catering to eco-conscious consumers and businesses alike.


3. Ambio: Revolutionising Plastics Recycling



Ambio is transforming the plastics industry with an innovative approach to recycling. Their platform enables businesses to efficiently search, compare, and acquire recycled and bio-based plastics tailored to specific requirements.

By allowing companies to specify aspects like colour, thickness, and quantity, Ambio streamlines the process of sourcing sustainable materials. This approach not only facilitates eco-friendly practices but also promotes the wider adoption of recycled plastics in various industries. Ambio’s initiative is crucial in reducing plastic waste and moving towards a more sustainable and circular economy.


4. iFarm: Pioneering Vertical Farming Technologies



iFarm is at the forefront of agricultural innovation with its advanced vertical farming systems. By utilising cutting-edge software and indoor farming techniques, iFarm enables the efficient and sustainable cultivation of crops in controlled environments.

This approach maximises yield while minimising space, offering a solution to the challenges of traditional farming methods. iFarm’s technology is particularly significant in urban settings where space is limited, demonstrating the potential for high-tech agriculture to contribute to food security and sustainability in increasingly urbanised societies.


5. Solar Foods Oy: Innovating Food Production



Solar Foods Oy is redefining sustainability in food production with its method of using air and electricity to create protein-rich foods. Their flagship product, Solein, embodies the concept of ‘food out of thin air’, offering a solution to the challenges of weather-dependent agriculture.

This process is not only environmentally friendly but also offers a viable alternative protein source, potentially transforming the global food landscape. Solar Foods Oy’s innovative approach aligns with the urgent need for sustainable and efficient food production methods in the face of growing global food demands.



6. Spinnova: Transforming Textile Manufacturing



Spinnova is leading a sustainable revolution in the fashion industry with its innovative textile fibres. Utilising wood and waste, their manufacturing process avoids harmful chemicals, setting a new standard in eco-friendly fabric production.

This approach significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional methods. By partnering with clothing brands, Spinnova’s fibers are already being incorporated into mainstream fashion, demonstrating the viability of sustainable textiles. Their work not only addresses the urgent need for greener manufacturing practices in fashion but also inspires a shift towards more conscious consumerism in the industry.


7. Linio Biotech: Advancing Skin Regeneration

Linio Biotech is revolutionising the field of dermatology with its innovative human-tissue-based, cell-free technology. This injectable solution is designed to stimulate the skin’s natural healing and regeneration processes.

Targeting both medical and aesthetic applications, Linio’s product is a beacon of hope for individuals suffering from severe scars, skin defects, and signs of aging. By harnessing the body’s own regenerative capabilities, Linio Biotech is not only advancing skin treatment methods but also paving the way for new standards in personalised and minimally invasive dermatological care.


8. Veri: Improving Metabolic Health Through Technology



Veri is revolutionising personal health management with its pioneering technology. Through a combination of a wearable blood sugar sensor and a mobile app, Veri provides real-time feedback on metabolic health, guiding users on their dietary choices.

This innovative approach empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their eating habits, leading to improved health outcomes. By focusing on preventative health measures and personalised data, Veri is making significant strides in addressing the growing concerns around metabolic health and lifestyle-related diseases.


10. SemiQon: Pioneering Quantum Computing Technology



SemiQon is at the cutting edge of the quantum computing revolution, developing advanced silicon-based processors. Emerging from VTT’s Launchpad incubator, the startup addresses key challenges in quantum computing, including scalability, cost, and sustainability.

SemiQon’s technology promises to unlock new possibilities in computational power, potentially revolutionising fields like cryptography, drug discovery, and complex data analysis. As a spinout of VTT and driven by expert quantum researchers, SemiQon is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of high-performance computing, marking a pivotal advancement in the technological landscape.


As these ten startups demonstrate, Finland’s startup scene in 2024 is vibrant and diverse, spanning from quantum computing and biotech to sustainable fashion and AI governance.

These companies not only represent the pinnacle of Finnish innovation but also embody a forward-thinking approach that is set to impact industries and lives globally. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they redefine the boundaries of technology and sustainability.

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