Startup Of The Week: Pento

  • Pento is an automated payroll solution that can streamline repetitive manual tasks, remove payroll deadlines, and provide expert payroll guidance.
  • Pento can manage your entire payroll process – without the admin. Be it weekly payroll, part-time workers, zero hours or more, Pento can support all pay schedules and types of workers in the UK.
  • Want to take the stress of being HRMC compliant? Pento always ensures you’re adhering to the latest legislation and reporting on time, so you never need to worry about adhering to HMRC regulations.




What is Pento?


With Pento, you can run your payroll in 3 simple steps so that adjusting, approving, and paying your payroll has never been easier.

The first step: editing your pay until the payday. This means you can make as many changes as you want with no limits and no payroll deadlines. And, to make this process even smoother, you can directly update any employee information like name, bank details, salary, work days and more, plus, you can enable Pento’s HRIS integration to sync people’s data automatically.

The second step: reviewing and approving. With Pento, you can add multiple approvers and confidently process your payroll, on time, every time. Simply set up a formal approval flow in Pento to ensure your payroll is correctly handled and audited. Then, reduce any errors and understand cost fluctuations by comparing changes in earnings to previous pay periods.

The third step: confirm your payroll! Just pay your employees and send payslips via email or HRIS with Pento’s integration, wrapping up an easy-to-understand, enjoyable payroll experience for employees. Pento will automatically report FPS and pay taxes to HMRC after every payday, ensuring your compliance with HMRC, and report payroll journals, where you can customise your payroll journal or automatically report to your preferred accounting software with our integration.



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Is There a Market for Payroll Automation?


Pento takes the stress and mess out of payroll. With Pento, you get the best payroll solution in the UK. This means the best of payroll automation and expert guidance with all the benefits of modern technology. This means no more back and forth on spreadsheets and emails, error-free paydays, and expert payroll guidance from CIPP members.

Especially if you’ve had past errors with a payroll provider, or lack confidence in the end-to-end payroll process, Pento can help payroll issues a thing of the past.