TechRound is the voice of UK startups and is the UK's fastest-growing platform for startups, UK and international businesses, entrepreneurs and tech businesses, as well as anyone seeking to gain exposure to the UK startup market...

TechRound offers readers articles, insights, interviews, top 10s and how-to-guides for startups and business. We also regularly run industry specific campaigns, including our annual TechRound100...

TechRound reaches the audiences that matter to startups, SMEs, VCs, investors, government departments and other stakeholders in startups. We also help companies looking to reach startups and founders target the audiences they need to reach...

TechRound is the UK's independent voice for startups of all shapes and sizes and of all persuasions. We work with startups and businesses of all natures to help them reach the audiences to grow their businesses and further their messaging. We help companies to sustain and grow in one of the UK's most important areas; startups.

Meet the Founders


David Soffer

Co - Founder + Editor - Media & Sales

David oversees all the editorial, media enquiries, partnerships and content for TechRound.

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Daniel Tannenbaum

Co-Founder, Operations and Affiliates

Daniel is the Co-Founder and Head of Operations and Affiliates - driving the website and team through SEO.

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Meet The Team


Josie Melvin


Josie is one of the key editorial staff members for TechRound with a passion for startups and interviews.

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Dana Leigh


Dana is our PR and interview specialist, with a passion and interest in female entrepreneurs

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Lara Dolden


Lara is a key part of the editorial team with a passion for music, arts and spanish.

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