The Top 5 Alternatives To Trello

Trello is a great place to start when you are first looking for project management software for your business. However as time goes on and your business expands and grows, Trello’s simple and minimalist interface might not be good enough for you.

Over time, having a project management software that is more detailed and advanced can help truly take your business to the next level. That is why we, at TechRound have created this list.

This list shows you the best alternatives to Trello so that your project management becomes more secure and organised as your business continues to be successful.

The Top 5 Alternatives To Trello:


1. Chanty

Chanty is the number 1 alternative to Trello.

Work is easier with Chanty, an easy-to-use team collaboration tool. Get secure unlimited messaging free forever.

Your shared team knowledge all in one place, and your team just a click away.

Features you can have with Chanty include:

  • Reach your team and stay synced with text, voice or video.
  • Share screen, files, links or set tasks to bring more context to your discussions.
  • Bring all the apps you use during the day to a single place
  • Feel safe with invite-only team access, data encryption & data export.
  • Take control over the information you get with smart notifications.
  • Search, browse and filter your team activity organised in Teambook.
  • Get work done from wherever you are. All your messages are synced across Chanty Mobile and Web App. Feel free to switch devices and never miss an important update!
  • Import feature gives you an opportunity to transfer your message history and other team data from a third-party messenger directly to Chanty.
  • Enjoy quick and easy way to share blocks of code with your product team. Your colleagues will open and read snippets without leaving the chat app.
  • Reach your teammates with @mentions even on the go. Your colleagues will get push notifications to their phone.
  • Add a little levity to your daily grind by incorporating emojis and animated gifs.
  • Switch to a high contrast Dark theme that reduces eye strain and keeps your focus in dim light or while working at night.


2. WorkZone


If you are looking for something more robust and advanced than Trello then WorkZone is what to use.

It is more detailed than most of the available entry-level tools and less complicated than high-end tools.

WorkZone is a simple-to-use project management software offering some powerful features to help users to get their work done quickly.

It has advanced reporting features that drive greater efficiency.

Some useful WorkZone features include:

  • Dedicated workspaces and personalised to-do lists
  • Project dashboard gives visibility across organisation
  • Individual To-do lists focus each person on what needs to get done
  • Share files stored in the cloud
  • World-class customer support
  • Integrated with DropBox, Google, Slack and HipChat
  • Add comments to tasks to make sure no changes are missed
  • Workload reports that help you manage team capacity and resources
  • Powerful email notifications
  • Visualise project schedules with Gantt chart

Unlike Chanty, Workzone is probably not the best for startups, and small businesses since they don’t offer a free plan.

3. Asana


Asana is probably the most popular Trello alternative.

It’s a more simple tool with tons of integrations to help you manage your work efficiently.

Asana has more features whilst giving you a simpler user interface.

With Asana, you can assign tasks, view progress, have conversations all in one place. Asana is a fast and responsive application.

Key features of Asana include:

  • View your task in a list, board, or timeline view.
  • 50+ project templates to help you get started.
  • Gantt charts with timelines.
  • Create custom rules in seconds to automate common tasks and reduce errors.
  • Integrates with powerful collaboration tools like Basecamp and Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Hipchat, Zendesk, Jira.
  • Avoid getting burnt out by using the workload management system.
  • Manage your goal progress with Asana’s goal tracking system.
  • No storage limit.
  • Simple app.

In terms of pricing, Asana is free for up to 15 users and offers unlimited projects, tasks, and conversations at that price. Pro versions start at $10.99/month.


4. Wrike


Wrike is another good option if you’re looking at alternatives to Trello.

It has powerful, enterprise-level features to help you manage all your tasks.

It’s also one of the best Trello alternatives because of it has a feature-filled and great free version.

Wrike may not the best if you are a beginner in using these tools because it has an advanced and detailed user interface.

Notable features include:

  • Can integrate with apps like Zapier, Github, and Gmail
  • Detailed reports for real-time updates
  • Project newsfeed for team updates
  • Task priorities so teams complete tasks in the right order
  • Track time spent on tasks and projects with the built-in time tracker
  • The management tool can scale with your team

With a free, business and professional variant you can find the best plan for your business.

For teams of up to five members, Wrike offers the free version. If you need more people onboard, there is a Professional plan for $9.80/month per user if you have a maximum of 10 people.

A Business plan for $24.80/month per user is good for teams with as many as 200 members.

5. is a great Trello competitor. Their solution does have some free plans available as of June 2020. is an affordable and robust alternative to Trello.

Great features included with are:

  • It offers you multiple workload management options
  • You can organise your workload into a Kanban board, a list, a map, or a spreadsheet.
  • They have a reporting feature, which will make it easier for you to track project progress.

Getting a plan with will cost you $17/ month for two users.