Top 10 Coffee Subscription Boxes

Instead of braving the outdoors, queueing for hours and seeing what’s left on the shelves, why not let the experts keep you well-caffeinated?

Coffee subscription boxes are a great way to try new beans and blends every week, fortnight or month and come with the added bonus of supporting small businesses: not just the subscription providers, but their roasters and growers, too. Whether you’re looking for simple blends or rare single-origin beans, small quantities or kilo bags, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best coffee subscription services in the UK. Many of these services offer a range of grinds, including Nespresso compatible pods.


Image: Gustatory

Gustatory offers 10 creative monthly speciality coffee subscriptions, including Nespresso compatible pods, cold brew, decaf and coffees rated 87/100 or higher with the Specialty Coffee Association. Available as whole bean, filter or espresso, each box comes in 100% recycled packaging and donates £1 to One Tree Planted.

Gustatory offers its subscriptions as an extension of its large marketplace of coffee roasters, tea makers and equipment brands, a little like Etsy for brews; every purchase racks up loyalty points and each seller is carefully curated and vetted for ethics and sustainability.

Subscriptions start from £10 per month with free delivery.

Craft Coffee Club

Image: Craft Coffee Club

Craft Coffee Club puts giving back at the centre of its subscription boxes: a proportion of membership is donated directly to their coffee-growing communities, and you’ll receive regular updates on how your contribution is improving lives. Each box comes with half a kilo of top quality artisan coffee, a handpicked selection of sweet and savoury treats and occasional gifts, all packed in fully compostable and recyclable packaging.

Subscriptions start from £19.95 per month with free delivery.

Secret Caffeine Club

Image: Secret Caffeine Club

The Secret Caffeine Club brings you a new coffee variety every week, roasted by independent coffee roasters across the United Kingdom. Their top-secret list of partners includes more than 50 roasters, all with their own distinct style. Available in whole bean, drip, espresso, cafetière, stovetop and AeroPress grinds, this subscription is one of the more comprehensive we’ve found.

Subscriptions start from £7.99 a week with free delivery.

Caravan Coffee Roasters

Image: Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan coffee is a London favourite for its strong ethical ethos: the roasters work closely with local cooperatives to source beans for a fair price, visiting their producers on a regular basis. They’re now offering their coffee on subscription, with options for weekly, fortnightly and monthly deliveries of freshly roasted beans. Choose from single-origin or Caravan signature blends for filter, espresso or whole bean.

Subscriptions start from £9.50 per month, delivery not included.


Image: Hasbean

If ethical sourcing is your priority, Hasbean is an outstanding option. Hasbean puts a face and name to your coffee, giving you in-depth information on each week’s roaster, their history and their process, as well as tasting and growing notes. Founder Stephen Leighton picks a new coffee each week and shares his tasting videos for each one.

Subscriptions cost £7.50 per week with free delivery and are available weekly, monthly or quarterly on Direct Debit or paid upfront.


Image: Grind

Grind might just be the Glossier of coffee: the millennial pink tins, simple roast options and sustainable packaging will have you sold before the kettle’s finished boiling. Choose from compostable Nespresso pods, whole bean or ground coffee in certified organic house, black or decaf blends, all delivered in letterbox-friendly, plastic-free packaging. If you’re a regular at their London cafés, you’ll recognise the beans as the same blends they use in-house.

Subscriptions start from £13 per week with free delivery.

Perky Blenders

perky-blenders-coffee subscription-uk
Image: Perky Blenders

Perky Blenders set up shop as street traders and now have four London locations as well as their roastery and subscription business. Choose from single origin, decaf, blend of the month or their signature forest blend in whole bean, espresso, French press, moka pot, V60, AeroPress, Chemex or cold brew grinds, all packaged in letterbox sized, biodegradable packaging.

Perky Blenders are currently offering a special six week home coffee package: just £39 upfront for six weekly bags of coffee, postage included.

Weanie Beans

Image: Weanie Beans

Weanie Beans is another London-based roastery, originally trading at market stalls in West London and now operating out of a full warehouse in Harringay. Choose from whole bean, French press, espresso, paper filter or stovetop grinds, and receive a bag of specially selected coffee every month.

Subscriptions start from £7 per month with £2 postage.

Dog and Hat

Image: Dog and Hat

Dog and Hat sells whole beans only, but offers specially-picked espresso, filter and decaf options for its monthly coffee subscription boxes. Choose from two, three or four bags of coffee per month and discover new roasters from the UK, Europe and USA.

Subscriptions start from £17 per month with free delivery.

Coffee & Kin

Image: Coffee & Kin

Coffee & Kin’s Coffee & Chocolate subscription box sets you up with a month’s worth of speciality coffee and luxury chocolate from chocolatiers from around the UK. Choose from coffee beans, grinds or plastic-free pods and milk, dark or a mix of chocolate and enjoy a world of different flavours each month. On top of that, £1 from every box goes to the Blurt Foundation, which supports children and adults affected by depression.

The Coffee & Chocolate box costs £25 per month with free delivery.