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6 Startups In Madagascar To Watch

Madagascar, a beautiful, biodiverse island off Africa, is starting to become home to a number of innovative startups.

However, according to, the country is struggling to get a large number of companies off the ground, despite its population of nearly 30 million.

Key issues include limited access to the capital, given the country’s infrastructure, and a market that is primary focused on basic needs – making it hard for businesses to scale.

What this means, is that despite people in Madagascar trying to grow and establish businesses, the number of success stories is few. But it is growing.

The government is helping to establish policies that foster innovation, in an attempt to give local start-ups a leg up.

Despite these obstacles, there are a number of companies making waves in the country. Here, we take a look at 6 of them, let’s dive in…


1. Bondy – Community Focused Re-Forestation





Bondy is helping restore Madagascar’s ecological ecosystem through its re-generation projects.

Based on idea that the sustainable development of forests leads to a productive and profitable agricultural business, the company helps rural communities boost their land and increases biodiversity in the process.


2. Sayna – Tech Upskilling Platform



Sayna is an educational technology company that empowers people in Madagascar to enhance their digital skills and get work online.

Once they have been trained, workers are able to access paid coding tasks, allowing them to boost their income. By helping more young people learn fundamental digital skills, Sayna is helping build a generation of tech workers in Madagascar.


3. Dabilio – School Management SaaS is a SaaS platform that gives schools a digital management solution, allowing them to keep parents and students involved in all aspects of the school.

Through allowing parents to access real-time data about their child’s academics – as well as giving schools an overview of performance, Dabilio is solidifying itself as a leading EdTech in Madagascar.



4. Korai – Restoring Oceans



Korai is a carbon offsetting company, helping regenerate the country’s oceans using company cash.

By engaging the private sector in the mission against biodiversity loss, Korai is not only helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint, but is protecting Madagascar’s oceans in the process.


5. GreenTsika – Waste Management



GreenTsika is a social enterprise focused on waste management.

The company allows people at work or home to book in for regular waste removal, helping to clean up Madagascar. Not only that, the company uses its waste removal vehicles as advertising space, allowing companies to help fund cheaper waste removal for everyone.


6. Jirove – Renewable Energy Services



Jirove is lighting up Madagascar with renewable energy services.

Focused on providing sustainable energy options like solar power to rural communities, Jirove aims to reduce dependency on the country’s grid, making clean energy accessible and affordable for more Malagasies.

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