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The Best Gadgets And Apps For Cycle Safety

Cycling is a great way to stay fit, travel sustainably and explore a city. However, cycling can also be dangerous. According to, in 2022 91 cyclists were killed in the UK, while over 4,000 were seriously injured and a further 11,000 slightly injured.

Cycle safety is incredibly important, especially as city roads become busier. Luckily, there are tons of gadgets and apps that are available to help cyclists stay safe.

Let’s explore them…


Gadgets For Cycle Safety


1. Smart Helmets

Credit: Lumos

Smart helmets come with a variety features such as built-in lights, turn signals, fall detection and even in-built communication systems.

One example of this is the Lumos Helmet, which has front and back lights that you can activate from your handlebars, meaning cars can see you and your direction more clearly.

Some smart helmets even come with built in communication technology, meaning you can get in touch with emergency contacts in case of an accident.


2. Bike Cameras


Credit: Cycliq

Recording your rides can be useful for providing evidence if an accident does occur, especially if you want to take legal action or claim on insurance.

The Cycliq Fly6 is a good option for this due to its rear light with a full HD camera, which means you have a clear record of traffic behind you.


3. High-Visibility Gear


Credit: Proviz

Staying visible is important for cycle safety, especially in countries that get dark early at certain times of the year.

Gadgets like the Proviz Reflect360 jacket are created with reflective materials that can help cars see you more clearly.

To help you be even more visible, LED lights for your wheels or handlebars can make your bike visible from all angles.


4. Car Detection Systems


Credit: Garmin

The Garmin Varia Radar is a gadget that tells you if vehicles are approaching from behind. This links with your phone to alert you, which means you can stay aware of the conditions around you and prevent any vehicles catching you off-guard.


5. Anti-Theft Devices


Credit: Tigr

Keeping your bike secure is also part of staying safe.

Gadgets like the TiGr lock provide heightened security without being too heavy.

Alternatively, GPS trackers like AirTags can be hidden on your bike, allowing you to track its location if it gets stolen.



Apps For Cycle Safety


1. Komoot


Komoot is a great app for planning safe and scenic cycling routes.

It comes with detailed maps and easy to follow navigation, helping you avoid busy roads and find bike-friendly paths. The app also includes offline maps, which are handy for rides in more rural areas.

2. Strava



Know for being a fitness tracking app, Strava also has features that make your rides safer.

Its Beacon feature allows you to share your real-time location with whoever you want, so they can keep track of your whereabouts during your ride, meaning you’re looked after even off-track.


3. AccuWeather



Cycling in the rain can be dangerous, especially off-road. AccuWeather helps you stay on top of the weather so you don’t have to worry about being caught off-guard.


4. First Aid by British Red Cross


The British Red Cross first aid app gives you step-by-step advice about what to do in an emergency. Many times, acting fast is the best way to minimise injury and damage, so having a guide to hand is always helpful.



5. Relive



The Relive app creates a 3D picture of your ride ahead of time, helping you plan your route and foresee any dangerous terrains.

With off-road biking especially, routes and trails change constantly with the weather. The best way to stay safe is through careful planning and Relive helps you do just that.

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