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10 Startups In Belfast, Northern Ireland To Watch


Belfast, Northern Ireland, is not only one of the most dynamic cities in the UK, but also one of the most exciting startup economies in Europe.

In fact, Belfast is home to a huge number of startups, with The Derry Journal reporting that a total of 5,222 new formations were registered in Belfast during the last 12 months.

Here, we take a look at ten startups that we think are worth keeping an eye on in Belfast. Let’s jump in…


1. MiFinity – Secure Payment Solutions



MiFinity is an e-wallet that provides users with secure and flexible payment options.

With a focus on making payments more simple, MiFinity’s wallet allows people to spend, send and receive money in 17 currencies, all in through place. Not just easy to use, MiFinity’s wallet is also secure, equipped with the latest anti-fraud tools and security features.


2. Mindmill – Talent Matching



Mindmill uses AI to match roles and candidates through its platform. The company’s algorithmic approach allows companies to cut down time, costs and bias in the recruitment process – leading to better hires.

Through their fair and inclusive platforms, Mindmill is helping companies find the best candidates, and fast.


3. Weev – Electric Vehicle Charging Network



Weev is on a mission to change the electric vehicle (EV) market in Northern Ireland with its charging network.

By providing 1,500 convenient and reliable charging points, Weev is making it easier for EV owners to operate within cities. Not only that, but it also helps encourage more people to use electric vehicles and drive towards a greener, more sustainable future.


4. Pure Marine – Renewable Energy Consultancy



Pure Marine is a consultancy dedicated to powering the world using ocean energy. Through their work with companies and governments, they are driving an ocean energy economy.

Not just a consultancy though, they also adopt technologies that capture the energy of ocean waves, converting it into electricity. Pure Marine offers a sustainable alternative to traditional energy, helping to reduce carbon emissions and join the fight against climate change.



5. Adoreboard – Sentiment Analysis Platform



Adoreboard’s sentiment analysis platform uses AI to measure and understand customer sentiment, to help companies make better data driven decisions.

By analysing text from various sources, Adoreboard helps businesses make decisions that improve customer experience and engagement. Their insights allow companies to get the insights they need, without needing to trawl through reviews manually.


6. Axial3D – 3D Medical Data



Axial3D is helping medical professionals provide better care through its 3D models.

Their software uses medical data to create accurate, patient-specific models that allow them to better visualise how to combat complex procedures and operations. This technology allows surgeons to reduce the risk of any unknowns and helps ensure better surgical outcomes.


7. Komodo – Math EdTech



Komodo has developed engaging and effective math skills technology for kids.

Their platform combines personalised learning with lessons and exercises, helping students better understand and perform in mathematics. Komodo’s approach to education makes learning math fun and accessible, helping young learners develop a love for the subject.


8. We Are Paradoxx – Sustainable Beauty Products



We Are Paradoxx is a sustainable beauty company that produces vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly haircare products.

Their products use natural ingredients to deliver results without compromising on ethics. We Are Paradoxx is committed to reducing the beauty industry’s environmental footprint one product at a time.


9. TapSOS – Emergency Communication App



TapSOS is an app that allows people to send a non-verbal SOS signal during emergencies. Designed for individuals who may be unable to speak or hear in a dangerous situation, TapSOS allows people to speak to emergency services through touch and text.

This life-saving app is helping to make sure that everyone can access help when they need it, no matter what situation they find themselves in.


10. NIJobFinder – Job Search Platform



Previously known as RecruitNI, the newly branded NIJobFinder connects those looking for jobs with employers across Northern Ireland.

Their platform is a simple job search tool, showing a wide variety of job listings in certain areas. NIJobFinder is on a mission to help people in Northern Ireland find the right opportunities while also helping local businesses build their teams without big recruitment fees.

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