10 Startups To Watch In Bengaluru, India

Bengaluru, known as the Silicon Valley of India, is home to a huge number of innovative startups.

These companies are not only innovating within India, but also globally – solidifying Bengaluru as one of the world’s most exciting startup cities.

Here, we take a look at 10 startups in Bengaluru that we think are worth watching…


1. Byju’s: Online Education




Byju’s is helping more young people in India achieve their academic goals with its online learning platform. Focused on K-12 students, the platform provides personalised learning programmes that can be adapted to different learning speeds.

By mixing video lessons with AI-generated practice sessions and assessments, BYJU is helping students maximise their education.


2. Slick: Social Media For College Students




Slick is a social media app that connects college communities in India. The platform has a number of functions, including a tinder-style chat app, which aims to help people meet new friends.

Available to download on iPhone and Android, Slick is helping nurture campus communities in India.


3. MediBuddy: Online Healthcare Consultations



MediBuddy unveils its new brand tagline - Healthcare Radius



MediBuddy provides people in India with instant access to doctors through its mobile platform.

It connects patients with healthcare workers for online consultations, prescriptions and health tests, making healthcare more accessible and affordable. This app has become particularly useful for those that need quick medical help, or those that live in rural areas where healthcare facilities are limited.

4. Scripbox: Personal Investment Management


Scripbox - Wikipedia


Scripbox is helping more people navigate the world of investing through its unbiased and expert-backed app.

Through their bespoke portfolio funds, Scripbox helps people better understand the best investment choices, allowing them to make financial decisions that work for them.



5. Meesho: Online Shopping


Meesho unveils new logo to appeal to wider audience


Meesho is an online shopping platform that empowers people to start their own online businesses.

By providing a catalogue of products and easy-to-use marketing tools, Meesho helps resellers and craftspeople earn an income by selling products through the platform.


6. Rapido: Bike Taxi Services


Rapido (company) - Wikipedia


Rapido is India’s fastest growing bike taxi app, operating in India’s biggest cities.

With a user-friendly app and transparent pricing, Rapido allows customers to book bike rides for quick and efficient travel. This startup is particularly popular among commuters looking to beat traffic in particularly congested areas.


7. Livspace: Home Interiors


Livspace - Interior Design Services


Livspace is a home interior design and renovation website, providing products and inspiration for those looking to spruce up their homes.

Users are able to pay a fee for a personalised interior designer, who then sends them products and inspiration. Once selected, the company completes the process, helping to create beautiful homes from start to finish.


8. Cult.fit: Holistic Wellness


cure.fit renamed as cult.fit


Cult.fit is a health and wellness platform that provides people with a choice between gym classes and at-home workouts.

The platform has a variety of workouts, mental wellness programmes, and healthy meal options, making it a more holistic health brand. By combining physical and mental wellbeing, Cult.fit aims to make fitness accessible and enjoyable for all.


9. NoBroker: Real Estate Transactions


NoBroker / Perficient


NoBroker is transforming real estate in India by eliminating the need for brokers. The platform allows users to search, buy, sell, and rent properties directly, reducing costs typically associated with hiring brokers.

With its easy to use platform, NoBroker helps people buy and sell their dream homes, all in one place.


10. Zoomcar: Car Sharing


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Zoomcar is a car rental platform that currently operates in over 34 cities. The platform allows users to rent cars for short of long trips, meaning they can have a more flexible transport experience.

Not only that, but through listing their car on the platform, vehicle owners are able to generate a second income when their car is stood still.