10 Startups In Japan To Watch

Known for high-tech, gaming, anime and robotics, Japan is a hub of innovation. Within the country, hundreds of startups have emerged, each pushing the boundaries of their respective industries.

From urban mobility to aquaculture and fintech, these companies are making names for themselves on the global stage. Here’s a closer look at ten startups we think are worth keeping an eye on in Japan.


1. Regional Fish – Genome Editing For Fish


Regional Fish - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


As a global fishing hub, it’s no surprise that companies in Japan are trying to make fishing more sustainable and efficient.

Regional Fish uses genome technology to shorten the breeding process from 30 years to 2-3. By simulating natural mutations, Regional Fish is helping boost fish production and addressing global food shortages.


2. Elephantech – Pioneering Flexible Electronics


Elephantech_Inc (@elephantech_Inc) / X


Elephantech is a Tokyo based company specialising in creating environmentally friendly circuit boards.

Through inkjet printing, the company is able to reduce waste and energy usage, contributing to more sustainable circuit board creation.


3. Moneytree – Financial Data Management


Moneytree - Mobile Engineer (Android)


Moneytree is a FinTech companies that allows individuals and businesses to manage their finances more easily.

Their software allows users to gather insights into spending habits, track investments and financially plan more easily, allowing them to analyse their data efficiently and securely.


4. SmartScan – AI Medical Image Analysis


SmartScan - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


SmartScan’s AI based medical image scanning technology allows MRI companies to review images more easily.

Through their technology, SmartScan can examine the MRI imagery to detect any potential abnormalities. This not only makes it easier for people to receive preventative healthcare, but also provides a cost-effective option that gives patients peace of mind.


5. GO – Japan’s Most Used Taxi App


GO / Taxi app for Japan - Apps on Google Play


GO is a ride-hailing app in Japan, used to make urban mobility easier. Covering 44 of the nation’s 47 prefectures, GO allows passengers to ride immediately, anytime, anywhere.

Built up of 100,000 taxis from multiple taxi companies, GO is helping people in Japan get around more easily.



6. ZeroBoard – Carbon Accounting Services


Zeroboard (Thailand) | LinkedIn


ZeroBoard is at the forefront of the net-zero movement, offering a cloud-based service for carbon emissions tracking.

Their platform encourages companies to adopt more sustainable practices by showing them the areas of their business that produce the most waste. Through reporting and tracking, ZeroBoard helps companies all over Japan reach net zero faster.


7. Plimes – AI For Monitoring Swallowing


Home | PLIMES Inc.


Plimes is helping older people eat more safely though its product GOKURI, which monitors how older people swallow.

Worn around the neck, the device is designed to alert caregivers to any choke risks in stroke patients and the elderly, helping Japan’s aging population eat more safely.


8. SkyDrive – Urban Air Travel


ABOUT | SkyDrive Inc. - Flying car


SkyDrive is a Japanese startup on a mission to revolutionise urban air travel through its flying cars and cargo drones.

Their technology is being developed to change the way people travel around cities, reducing congestion and offering more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional road travel.


9. Welmo – Mixing Tech And Home Healthcare


WELMO - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Welmo is a CareTech company designed with Japan’s ageing population in mind.

By combining technology with the nursing care industry, people are more easily able to organise care for their elderly relatives.


Archelis Inc. – Wearable Support


Removing strain from standing works


Archelis Inc. is the creator of a leg assist suit, designed to support people who work in long-standing jobs without causing strain to the legs or back.

The suit operates manually, without needing power, and helps people in active fields like medicine and teaching remove strain to their bodies.


These ten startups are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Japan’s startup scene.

Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to grow and innovate in their respective sectors.