10 Startups In Indonesia To Keep An Eye On

Indonesia is home to a booming startup scene, full of dynamic companies that are innovating across various sectors.

From fintech to e-commerce, health tech to logistics, these startups are making waves worldwide.

Here are ten Indonesian startups that we think are worth keeping an eye on.


1. Ralali – B2B eCommerce Platform


Ralali.com Case Study


Ralali is the largest B2B eCommerce platform for SMEs in Indonesia, connecting businesses all across the country.

Through their online marketplace, Ralali simplifies the process of buying and selling for businesses, providing them with a platform to find, compare, and purchase items efficiently.


2. Lemonilo – Healthy Lifestyle Products


File:Lemonilologo.png - Wikimedia Commons


Lemonilo is innovating in Indonesia’s health and wellness space by offering a wide range of affordable, healthier food products.

Through their bespoke range of Indonesian foods, Lemonilo is on a mission to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to anyone.


3. eFishery – Aquaculture Tech Solution


GSMA | eFishery | Mobile for Development


eFishery is innovating in the aquaculture industry with tech-based solution.

Using technology to automate feeding, selling and tracking produce in fish and shrimp farms, eFishery helps farmers increase productivity while reducing waste and costs.

This innovative approach to aquaculture has the potential to significantly improve Indonesia’s fishing sector, allowing companies to maximise output and profit.


4. Dagangan – Digital Shopping For Rural Areas




Dagangan is helping rural communities maximise their income by allowing them to operate online stores.

Through providing digital tools and platforms, Dagangan allows small retailers in remote areas to improve their operations and reach new audiences.

This startup is bridging the urban-rural divide in Indonesia, powering Indonesia’s rural economy growth.


5. Lifepack – Online Pharmacy


Lifepack - Tech in Asia


Lifepack is an online pharmacy, allowing users to order medicine, fulfil prescriptions and consult a doctor from anywhere.

By providing free same day delivery and both online and offline service, Lifepack is helping Indonesians all over the country access the medicine that they need.



6. Pluang – Financial Investment Platform


Southeast Asian Investing Super App Pluang Secures Additional $55M in  Funding, Led by Accel


Pluang is making financial investment easier for the masses with its asset trading and investment app.

Through its user-friendly platform, Pluang allows individuals to invest in a variety of financial products, including gold, stocks, and cryptocurrency.

This startup is helping Indonesians with their financial investments, helping them build longer term wealth.


7. Paxel – Shipping And Delivery Services


Brandfetch | Browse brands in indonesia


Paxel is leading the the logistics sector in Indonesia with its shipping and delivery service.

Paxel uses their technology platform to ensure fast, reliable, and efficient deliveries across major Indonesian cities.

This startup is essential for businesses looking to widen their customer base nationally and ensure quick and reliable deliveries.


8. Kopi Kenangan – Grab-And-Go Coffee Chain


Kopi Kenangan


Kopi Kenangan offers a unique take on the traditional coffee shop model with its grab-and-go service.

By combining high-quality, affordable coffee with the convenience of a take-away, Kopi Kenangan is helping Indonesians access good coffee on the go.


9. NeuroSensum – AI Based Consumer Research


NeuroSensum - Neuroscience & AI Based Consumer Research Company


NeuroSensum uses neuroscience and technology to give companies deeper insights into consumer behaviour.

By using a mix of biometric sensors and AI, NeuroSensum is helping companies better understand their consumers and clients and develop more meaningful and effective insights.


10. Outclass – Online Learning Platform


Outclass Indonesia | LinkedIn


Outclass is an online learning platform designed to provide learning media for teachers and students.

Through their digital education hub, Outclass is helping facilitate learning in Indonesia. The platform empowers both students and teachers to continue developing, accessible anytime, anywhere.


These ten startups are at the pinnacle of entrepreneurship and innovation in Indonesia.

As they continue to grow and expand, they not only contribute to the country’s economy but are also driving global innovation.

Keep an eye on them as they continue to develop in 2024 and beyond…