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The Best Gadgets And Apps For Hiking Enthusiasts

Hiking is a great way to disconnect from the routine of everyday life and reconnect with nature.

In fact, hiking as a hobby is on the rise. According to Walk About Scotland, the percentage of people in the UK who identify themselves as hikers increased from 16 per cent in 2018 to 23 per cent in 2020 – and that number is only increasing.

Luckily, in order to ensure hiking remains safe, there are a number of gadgets and apps available to help. Let’s take a look at them…


Essential Gadgets for Hikers


Hiking can be a great way to connect with nature, but there are a few gadgets that can help, these include….


1. GPS Devices


Hiking is a wonderful way to explore the outdoors, but one wrong turn and you could find yourself dangerously off-track.

Even worse is hiking in remote areas with limited phone reception, making finding your way back even more difficult. GPS systems allow you to send and receive messages, track your location, and trigger an SOS message if needed, even in areas with no phone service. Many tracking systems come with long battery life too, helping you stay safe throughout the entire hike.


2. Portable Power Banks


For those hiking closer to urban areas, phone reception may not be a problem – but battery life can be!

Power banks can charge multiple devices multiple times – whether you are using them to navigate or listen to a podcast, you can ensure they will never run out of battery.

Finding a light-weight but strong charger – or even better, one that recharges itself with solar power – can be perfect for extended hikes where access to charging stations is limited.


3. Headlamps


Not exactly the highest-tech gadget, but certainly an important ones – headlamps are great for night-time hikes or in case of emergencies.

Finding a headlamp with a long battery life and strong brightness can ensure you stay safe on any hiking adventure.

4. Water Purifiers


The last thing you want to do on a long hike is be stuck without water, luckily, water purifiers can help provide clean drinking water quickly in case of emergencies.

Ultralight water bottles are a great option in this regard, acting as both a vessel and a purifier, they remove viruses, bacteria, and protozoa, providing clean drinking water in seconds.


5. Portable Stoves


For those looking to hike for an extended period of time, portable stoves allow you to cook hot meals and drinks on the go. With their lightweight design and easy set up, these devices are perfect for any hiking lover.


Must-Have Apps For Hikers


Alongside a number of gadgets, the growing popularity of hiking has also caused an increase in hiking apps. Here are some of our favourites:


1. AllTrails



AllTrails is an app that contains a database of hiking trails. Hikers can see reviews, photos and detailed maps of these trails, allowing them to plan their excursion more easily.

The app also allows you to track your hikes and share your adventures with the community, making it the perfect app for staying up to date with the latest and best trails.


2. OS Maps



OS Maps is another route planning app that allows you to view, track and follow routes. With over 600 hiking trails around Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the app is used by organisations like The Scouts, DofE and the Armed forces.


3. Gaia GPS


Gaia GPS is a great app for anyone looking to navigate the outdoors. The app provides a number of routes, GPS tracking and offline access, making it a great tool for navigating remote areas and staying on course.


4. PeakFinder


PeakFinder is a great app for hikers that love the mountains. Using AR, the app gives information about mountain peaks around you.

The app allows hikers to see the name and elevation of the mountain simply by pointing their phone at it, making it easier to plan your hiking course.


5. Life360


Life360 helps you stay safe by sharing your location with a select number of contacts, allowing them to keep track of your progress and find you in case of emergencies.

It also comes with an SOS alert, so family can be called on immediately if you get in any trouble.


Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, these gadgets and apps can help make your your hiking experience safer and easier. Happy hiking!

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