Tech Boom: UK Residents Increased The Number Of Purchases In Electronics By 90% In 2021

In 2021 sales of gadgets, household appliances, and components skyrocketed. According to Admitad Affiliate, in the first half of the year, the amount of “electronic” purchases in Europe increased by 69%, and it’s number – by 50%. British are ahead of the trends. They increased their spendings on electronics by 97% and number of orders by 90%.

There are several reasons for the growth of the electronics sector. The source of most of them was the coronavirus and the restrictions imposed. But at the same time, the growth of e-commerce continues in the country as a whole, and the penetration of gadgets and more diverse household appliances into the everyday life of British is increasing.

The growth was driven partly by the lockdown that forced many to work from home, which boosted sales of PCs, laptops, and accessories. Over time the dynamics have only grown- according to the report by a research company Canalys, in the 1st quarter of 2021, laptop sales jumped by 55%. In addition to personal computers, British are also very interested in a variety of accessories that make it easier to work from home: headphones, headsets, webcams, more convenient computer mice and keyboards, additional monitors, etc.



The growth of online purchases of gadgets and household appliances is affected by the outflow of consumers from offline. With the introduction of quarantine restrictions, shoppers were forced to give up shopping in regular stores and switched to online shopping.

Amid strong growth in the number of orders, the average check grew by 4%, which now stands at $157. This dynamic suggests that UK residents have slightly increased the average purchase amount while monitoring prices and looking for the best deals. So far, the country lags slightly behind the leading European countries in this indicator:



Where did the clients come from?

Consumers in the electronics sector have always compared product features and looked for the best price. Usually, the purchase of a gadget or household appliance is not spontaneous: users prefer to choose carefully, ask others for advice and find a pleasant discount on the selected product. According to Admitad Affiliate, this trend only intensified in 2021 – for example, the number of “electronic” purchases from web storefronts increased by 45% and from forums by 78%. The inflow of buyers from cashback services, mobile applications, and financial storefronts also increased (probably, customers made purchases on credit).


Against the backdrop of intense growth in the electronics sector in 2020 and the 1st half of 2021, many companies face increased competition in the usual channels of attracting sales. At the same time, because of the rapid return of buyers, websites began to work more willingly not for a fixed advertising price, but for a reward in a percentage of the purchases made by their audience. The profits of such partners in Europe grew by an impressive 237% in 2021, and their number – by 12%.

Admitad Affiliate experts predict further growth of online sales in UK electronics sector. Although the impact of the pandemic on user behaviour is decreasing, people have already got used to shopping online and will not give up on this. On the contrary, more and more new users will join them.

Moreover, a large proportion of employees who went to work remotely during the quarantine period will no longer return to the office and will continue to enthusiastically purchase PCs and components. Demands in entertainment will not decrease either. The influence of the global trend in the growth of the share of e-commerce in the sales of the country’s leading brands will also make an impact.