National Walking Day 2024: Top Startups Making Every Step Count

As we enter Spring, many of us may already be shedding the confines of indoor spaces and using the, albeit fleeting, sunny spells as an excuse to finally get out and about. Whether you relish walking for its physical benefits, soothing effects or have yet to discover its appeal, National Walking Day offers a moment for contemplation.

In an era marked by sedentary lifestyles and increasing concerns about health and wellness, the significance of walking has never been more pronounced. What may seem like a mundane daily ritual holds the potential to become an enriching and enjoyable experience, courtesy of innovative startups pioneering creative solutions. These startups are helping to encourage people to step outside, explore their surroundings, and reap the physical and mental benefits of walking.

Join us as we delve into the top startups helping to put more pep in your step this National Walking Day, elevating this simple activity into a more fun and rewarding one than ever before.


Travel Hands


Travel Hands


Ensuring that everyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of walking is at the heart of Travel Hands’ mission. This innovative charity is dedicated to opening up London for Visually Impaired People (VIP), facilitating wonderful journeys shared between VIPs and volunteers.

For VIPs, Travel Hands offers newfound independence on walks, providing assistance for straightforward journeys in and around London without relying solely on personal connections. Services are available 7 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm, empowering VIPs to navigate the city with confidence.

Volunteers play a crucial role in enriching the lives of VIPs. By dedicating their time, volunteers can make a significant impact on the lives of others, with opportunities available 7 days a week, accommodating individual schedules.

Each journey undertaken through Travel Hands contributes significantly to someone’s life and helps foster support within the VIP community. So, if you often find yourself with spare time on your hands, why not use this National Walking Day to consider dedicating it to something truly rewarding? Engage in social interaction, exercise, and broaden your perspective by connecting with others and experiencing the world through the eyes of a VIP.


Nature Meet



Venturing out for a walk or hike is already fun, but can be even better when shared with a group. Enter Nature Meet. This platform offers one-of-a-kind outdoor adventures, providing the opportunity to discover new places every weekend and join in on exciting outdoor activities, all offered on well-organised trips guided by trusted experts.

Simply sign up to be notified about upcoming outdoor trips, meet your trip mates and then you can all get going enjoying nature together. And, thanks to its Nature Meet community, not only can you get your legs moving with fellow adventurers, but you can stay in touch and foster genuine, lasting friendships.

Furthermore, Nature Meet recognises the vital importance of preserving our natural world. To aid in conservation efforts, the platform facilitates immersive wilderness experiences that deepen our appreciation for biodiversity. By uniting individuals who share a passion for nature, Nature Meet strengthens the collective commitment to safeguarding wildlife and protected habitats. Plus, it actively supports nature conservation by ensuring that its users leave no trace as they explore the great outdoors.






Having trouble finding the drive to boost your step count? Look no further than Sweatcoin. This innovative app rewards your daily strides with a modern currency, giving you the flexibility to treat yourself to a wide array of branded goods and services available in Sweatcoin’s marketplace. From iPhones to yoga classes to Apple Watches and beyond, the possibilities are endless. Alternatively, you can choose to make a positive impact by donating to charity, supporting various environmental, humanitarian, and animal preservation causes.

Sweatcoin encourages an increased daily step count among its users because it understands the profound benefits this brings not only to individual health but also to society at large. Something as simple as promoting daily walks can contribute to alleviating the burden on healthcare systems, potentially saving them billions.

With over 120 million users globally and available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, take advantage of National Walking Day and join the ranks of Sweatcoin users today!







Discover thousands of trails accompanied by reviews, photos, and accommodation recommendations with HiiKER. Whether you’re into backpacking or hiking, this app is your ultimate guide to finding the perfect adventure. Download the HiiKER app to easily access accurate and up-to-date information that caters to adventurers of all kinds, allowing everyone to embrace and appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors this National Walking Day and beyond.

Moreover, HiiKER actively collaborates with trail organisations worldwide, leveraging its expertise to direct donation traffic from the app towards the management and upkeep of beloved trails. Through HiiKER, its community can therefore effortlessly contribute to the maintenance of their favourite trails directly from their mobile phones, ensuring these natural wonders remain pristine and untouched by human impact.


Go Jauntly

Go Jauntly

Go Jauntly offers the perfect companion for your everyday walks and outdoor escapades, whether you’re a casual stroller, avid hiker, or wandering enthusiast. Explore nature-rich walking paths, engaging walking challenges, and more, all within this convenient, free app that serves as your portable encyclopedia of urban walks.

With Go Jauntly, the aim is to get you out and about every day. Simply input your location and utilise the user-friendly photo guides to navigate effortlessly, while handy tips highlight points of interest along the way. Engage in walking challenges or opt for scenic green routes from point A to B, or choose from a selection of circular walking paths across the UK and Ireland.

Furthermore, if you discover a new walk, Go Jauntly empowers you to share it with the community. Capture some snapshots and add insightful details for others to enjoy. For an enhanced experience, users can unlock premium curated walks and gain access to features such as offline route downloads and GPX file downloads for green routes, all available for a nominal fee of just £2.99.






EverTrek stands as your ultimate trekking companion, ready to guide you toward your next unforgettable adventure. Whether you dream of scaling Everest, exploring Machu Picchu, or conquering Kilimanjaro, seize the occasion of National Walking Day to kickstart your journey and let EverTrek be your trusted partner along the way.

Recognised as the top trekking company by the British Travel Awards, EverTrek is your ideal choice if you’re passionate about mountains and eager to push your limits. From essential packing tips to personalised training advice, we’ve got you covered every step of the way, ensuring that you’re fully equipped to tackle your bucket list mountains and create lasting memories.





Smirili is dedicated to curating unforgettable nature-based experiences. Whether you prefer private outings or small group adventures, its experiences are fully customisable to meet your preferences. Smirili’s goal is to foster a deeper connection between individuals and the natural world, providing opportunities for learning, enjoyment, and meaningful interaction with the environment.

Its range of nature connection experiences spans from immersive herbalism and wildlife encounters to invigorating energy experiences. Additionally, its family-oriented activities include cultural and nature walks, engaging treasure hunts, and tailor-made trails designed to align with your interests and activities.

Furthermore, Smirili offers educational workshops aimed at enriching your understanding of the natural world. Dive into topics such as sustainability, permaculture, wilderness survival, project design and planning, and Mediterranean ecosystem regeneration. With Smirili, not only do you get to enjoy unforgettable experiences, but you also have the chance to expand your knowledge and deepen your connection to nature.