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10 Startups To Watch In South Africa

South Africa, known as the ‘rainbow nation’ due to its colourful mix of cultures, is also one of the world’s most exciting startup economies.

In fact, this Southern African country is home to a whole variety of startups, innovating in sectors from finance to agriculture. Here, we take a look at 10 companies that we think are worth watching.


1. Jem – HR Software



Jem is simplifying human resources and payroll through its smart system, that seamlessly integrates with Whatsapp.

The system allows companies to go paperless, sending timesheets, payslips, communication and rosters, all through Whatsapp – a system that employees use and rely on anyway in their day-to-day lives.


2. Yoco – Business Payment Systems



Yoco provides a range of payment solutions for small businesses. By offering card machines, online payment options, and POS systems, Yoco empowers businesses to accept payments more easily.

Their platform is particularly helpful in a country where many small businesses operate on a cash-only basis, meaning they have new ways of boosting revenue streams and keeping track of finances.


3. Aerobotics – AI Fruit Picking



Aerobotics is the creator of a tool called TrueFruit, which uses AI to help farmers measure fruit size and manage their yield.

The system analyses fruit data using imagery to generate a comprehensive view of crops for farmers. By helping farmers manage their fields, Aerobotics is boosting agricultural productivity in South Africa.


4. Yebo Fresh – Accessible E-Commerce



Yebo Fresh aims to make groceries more accessible to South Africa’s Township businesses.

Their online platform allows businesses to order products for delivery, buy power and manage their finances all in one place. This not only provides convenience but also allows those in more remote communities to enjoy the ease of online ordering and delivery.



5. Naked Insurance – Digital Insurance



Naked Insurance offers a fully digital insurance experience, allowing customers to get instant insurance quotes at competitive prices.

Through their app, users can search, purchase, manage and claim insurance more easily. The platform’s AI-driven approach means people know they are getting personalised and fair pricing, making getting insurance a simpler process.


6. FoondaMate – AI Study Partner



FoondaMate is an AI-powered chatbot that helps students with their studies.

It allows young people to have instant access to help with their homework, even allowing them to learn from past papers and prepare for exams. Through platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp, FoondaMate is helping more young people in South Africa access academic help.


7. Skudu – Farmer Support



Skudu is helping more farmers in South Africa access the most up to date knowledge and expertise.

The idea is to provide farmers with accurate but low-cost advice and guidelines, to help improve their yield and boost their productivity. Not only does this help farmers grow better, it also boosts the agricultural economy by ensuring farming is as productive as possible.


8. Paie – Foreign Currency App



Paie is an app that allows more people in South Africa to tap into global markets by accepting different currencies.

The online wallet allows users to send and receive money globally with currencies including USD, EUR, GBP and more. This helps companies manage their assets and conduct business globally, helping them scale.


9. Contagra – Data Driven Supply Chains



Contagra helps agriculture businesses scale by improving their supply chains and allowing them to connect with more distributors.

From contracting to reporting to inventory and payment tracking, the platform is helping more agriculture businesses scale fast.


10. Adumo – Integrated Payment Partner



Adumo is a full suite payment solutions provider, allowing businesses to accept payments online, through POS systems and boost customer engagement with loyalty programmes.

The company is helping more businesses streamline their payment solutions, making the process more efficient for both company and customer.

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