Vietnam’s Startup Scene: 10 Companies To Watch

Vietnam‘s startup ecosystem is buzzing with innovation and entrepreneurship.

From tech education to logistics, these companies are not just solving local issues but are also impacting global industries.

Here’s a closer look at ten startups in Vietnam that are making waves and deserve your attention.


1. MindX – Shaping Future Tech Leaders


MindX - Tech in Asia


MindX is a tech education startup, helping prepare young people to work in tech.

Focused on coding, software development, robotics and digital art, MindX helps young talent prepare for the global tech industry.

With courses designed for children as young as 13, MindX is shaping the minds that are going to innovate the tech industry of the future.


2. Luxstay – Local Travel Experiences


Từng gọi vốn kỷ lục 6 triệu USD từ các Shark, Luxstay bất ngờ đổi tên sau một số lùm xùm gần đây?


Luxstay is a Vietnamese holiday home booking system. The company shows travellers a list of unique accommodations across Vietnam, allowing them to book local gems at the best prices.

Luxstay connects hosts with guests, providing authentic experiences that go beyond traditional hotel stays.


3. AGRHub – Transforming Agriculture With Tech


AgrHub | Ho Chi Minh City


AGRHub is innovating agricultural technology, using new and innovative solutions to help farmers enhance productivity and sustainability.

Whether it’s a small or large scale farm, the company has a number of solutions available to help maximise yield and productivity.

AGRHub is helping farmers grow, harvest, and sell for effectively, making agriculture smarter and more efficient in Vietnam.


4. Finhay – Digital Investments




Finhay is making financial investment accessible to everyone in Vietnam through its easy-to-use investment platform.

Through the app, Finhay allows people invest in securities and commodities, with as little as a few dollars.

Finhay is helping more people build wealth in Vietnam through breaking down barriers to the financial markets.


5. – Business Management Platform



Base is a business management platform, with a suite of solutions designed to manage work, automate processes and boost productivity.

From HR to project management, CRM and accounting, helps companies operate more efficiently, allowing them to scale at pace.



6. VuiApp – Wage Access App


Vui App - Chi lương Linh hoạt



VuiApp allows employees to access their wages ahead of payday. With many people using overly-expensive payday loans to bridge the gap between monthly payments, Vui helps them manage their financials more easily and stay away from expensive loans.

Acting as an employee benefit, VuiApp allows employers to provide employees with more flexible financial arrangements.


7. Logivan – Innovating Logistics And Transportation


LOGIVAN - Digitising and optimising freight transportation in Vietnam


Logivan is innovating Vietnam’s logistics sector by making trucking more efficient.

Through its platform, Logivan connects truckers with businesses, minimising empty space on vehicles and lowering transportation costs for businesses, making logistics more efficient and sustainable.


8. MVillage – Shared Living




MVillage is a company changing the real estate landscape in Vietnam with its shared co-living and working spaces for young people.

The company’s mission is to create urban communities, in the centre of Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi.

Through developing modern apartments for young Vietnamese people, MVillage is creating communities centred around homes.


9. Clevai – Online Math Learning




Clevai is an online math learning platform, designed to help students make progress in mathematics.

Through AI technology, the company is able to assess and fill in any knowledge gaps, personalised to the student’s ability.

By combining the power of AI with real life teachers, Clevai is helping young people all over Vietnam find maths tutors to help them thrive.


10. Tepbac – Innovation In Aquaculture


Tép Bạc - Thông tin thủy sản, kỹ thuật, thị trường nghề tôm cá


Tepbac is on a mission to innovate the aquaculture industry, helping fish farmers maximise productivity and reduce costs.

Through its suite of hardware and software, Tepbac allows farmers to more easily log shrimp and fish for farm management.

The company aims to help farmers gather the knowledge to increase their output in a more affordable and sustainable way.



Vietnam’s startup ecosystem is thriving, with innovative companies popping up all over the country.

These ten startups are a great example of the creativity of Vietnam’s entrepreneurs. As they grow and evolve, keep an eye on them as they make waves in 2024 and beyond…