10 Startups In Singapore To Watch

Singapore has long been known for its skyscrapers, culture, and thriving economy.

With a startup ecosystem that covers everything from FinTech to EdTech and FoodTech, here are 10 Singaporean startups worth keeping an eye on


1. CocoCart – Online Business Platform




CocoCart is helping people in Singapore run their businesses online with their all-in-one online business platform.

Cococart allows businesses to manage their orders, payments and marketing all in one place, giving local businesses a platform to sell their products.

Not only for product-based businesses, CocoCart is the perfect platform for retail, hospitality and other service companies, making it the ideal partner for local businesses all over the country.


2. Blue Planet – Waste Management


Blue Planet Logo


Blue Planet is on a mission to tackle the global waste crisis head-on with its recycling technologies.

Through Blue Planet, companies can become more circular with their waste, whether it’s plastic, electronic or organic.

By helping companies create circular supply chains, Blue Planet is saving the planet one product at a time.


3. Beoble – Chat Integration For Web3


beoble | Sponsor | Consensus 2023 | CoinDesk


Beoble is a communication platform that allows people to chat directly between their crypto wallets.

Their products include an encrypted web-based chat app and a toolkit to integrate Dapps.

Not only that, but users are rewarded as they post more on chatrooms, earning a percentage of revenue that the chatroom generates.


4. TurtleTree – Sustainable Nutrition


File:Logo Turtletree.png - Wikimedia Commons


TurtleTree is revolutionising nutrition with its ingredient LF+, a sustainably produced ingredient that is normally found in milk.

The company is helping people access the nutritional benefits of dairy, in a more sustainable and ec0friendly way. Now, the company is producing cell-based milk to nourish people and the planet simultaneously.


5. Volopay – Streamlining Business Finances



Volopay is helping businesses manage their finances more effectively with their all-in-one tool.

The platform allows businesses to track expenses, budget and pay vendors, all in one place.

As businesses look for smarter ways to manage their finances, Volopay’s suite of financial tools is the perfect partner for any business.



6. NextGen Foods – Innovating Plant-Based Foods


Logos - Next Gen


NextGen Foods is making waves in the food industry with their plant-based food alternatives.

Their products are created to replicate the taste and texture of meat and dairy products, including meat and ice cream alternatives.

As the environmental impact of animal farming becomes a bigger problem, NextGen is helping consumers do good for the planet, without compromising on taste.


7. Rainforest – Acquiring Online Brands


Rainforest Life - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Rainforest is changing how we shop online by acquiring and growing online micro-brands with high-potential, and building them into bigger companies.

Their expert team allows small online businesses to exit at high value, and then continue to grow them into companies consumers will love.


8. Amp – Growing E-Commerce


AMP | LinkedIn


Amp is the perfect partner for e-Commerce businesses, empowering merchants with their suite of insight-led products.

Their e-Commerce products are designed to help online sellers scale at pace, without the headaches and limitations typically associated with building online brands.


9. Oobit – Simplifying Crypto Transactions


Oobit is a game-changer in the cryptocurrency space, providing a user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and managing digital assets.

With a focus on security and ease of use, Oobit is making cryptocurrencies more accessible, allowing anyone to invest in digital currencies.


10. NuevoCor – Cardiac Genetics


NuevoCor is a bio-tech startup that is developing genetic medicines for heart diseases.

They are on a mission to treat heart conditions, potentially saving millions of lives. As healthcare continues to evolve, NuevoCor’s is at the forefront of cardiac care.


These ten startups in Singapore are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to make waves globally in 2024 and beyond.