15. Yas Alimam, Founder at HotPatch

Name: Yas Alimam

Company: HotPatch

Website: https://www.hotpatch.com/



About Yas Alimam and HotPatch

HotPatch is a platform helping those in the gig / sharing economies access space, on demand and maximises the utility of space for operators by allowing them to share with a broader range of customers.
Renters: HotPatch provides a platform where a range of Patches (spaces) can be accessed easily, on demand. An example includes working with beauticians, with private clients who need access to beauty rooms flexibly. Through HotPatch, these professionals can browse and filter from a wide selection of beauty rooms, and book according to their schedules.

This eradicates admin and cost burden, professionals only book and pay for the time needed. Current practice includes unfavourable contracts, deposits, and limited transparency. HotPatch removes this, as well as having a trust-based review system, KYC procedures in place for the protection of customers and direct chat that allows for any questions to be answered ahead of any booking.
Hosts: HotPatch allows space owners to easily list spaces on the HotPatch platform, and across purposes. This is significant in the case of small businesses such as the beauty rooms HotPatch works with. Space owners are able to maximise the utility of space and access a much wider base of beauty professionals than through their own channels.

These space operators have fixed costs, such as rent, which does not decrease if a beauty room is used less. By opening up new revenue streams, via bookings, adds a supplement to revenue. Through a HotPatch listing, spaces can also be discovered by people looking for the same space for another purpose. For example, photo shoots and brand pop-ups. are just two innovative ways that Patches are used across purpose with HotPatch. Like renters, hosts are able to utilise chat, and can rely on transparency through the review system, and stringent dispute resolution, providing additional security.