20. Danna Walker, Founder & CEO at Built By Us

Name: Danna Walker

Company: Built By Us

Website: https://www.builtbyus.org.uk/

About Danna Walker and Built By Us

Built By Us is an award-winning built environment team committed to building the world we want to see.

We do this by sharing our knowledge and expertise in mentoring, sponsorship, business and deep, active listening – and we ask others to match our generosity of spirit.

We draw out talent and ambition from our mentees, connect them with carefully chosen mentors and support them as they collaborate to discover solutions.

We speak up for those who are othered by creating accessible mentoring programmes, changing team cultures and growing diverse leadership. We look for the best in emerging talent and invest in the future of our industry. We give voice to the struggles of being the Other in our chosen industry.

We are people who trust their curiosity and follow it with passion. We are trained architects, electricians, youth workers, MBA graduates, PR experts, start-up founders and seasoned entrepreneurs.

We love construction because it is an industry that starts every job with a blank piece of paper and draws collaborative teams together who want to build something amazing.