23. Patrick Huang

Company: MeatFreed

Website: https://www.meatfreed.com

Business: AdTech platform that drives growth for meat alternative brands by building values-driven, localised communities


About Patrick and MeatFreed

MeatFreed is the only B2B2C AdTech platform that drives growth for meat alternative brands by building values-driven, localized communities of Gen Z, local restaurants, and brands.

Although only 1% of the 1 trillion USD global meat market, meat alternative brands are growing rapidly at a 15% annual rate over the next few years and the broader alternative sector for other food categories is valued at over 60 billion with over 700 challenger brands.

Patrick with his co-founder Mike started this concept in the summer 2021 and went through three major pivots around the product and the target customers.




By September 2021, MeatFreed had created an MVP as a digital membership for Gen Z members to receive incentives for choosing plant-based meals when dining out or cooking at home while joining a community of like-minded people.

After engaging with Gen Zs as potential members, Patrick recognised that MeatFreed was addressing an existing passion area around plant-based. The solution also cut through the clutter of the many competing distractions by offering localised content, incentives with local restaurants, and connections with others like them on their plant-based journey.

Brands have started to show interest in their membership and MeatFreed has defined various ways to monetise access to the membership for brands that align with the members’ core values. After a month and a half of building membership at key locations around university locations in Cornwall and Devon, MeatFreed gained more than 600 members with 25% new members coming from referrals.

These members receive incentives when choosing plant-based at more than 40 local restaurants with access to 60 meat alternative brands. With this initial traction, MeatFreed’s 12-month plan is to expand their model to the 400 universities and colleges across the UK and then beyond. MeatFreed has developed partnerships with contacts at Falmouth University, the University of Plymouth, and the University of Exeter.


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