46. Adhrita Nowrin – Askria

Company: Askria

Website: https://www.askria.ai/

Business: Askria is a digital CFO for startups, reimagining how founders build financial models, raise capital and run their business.


About Adhrita Nowrin and Askria

Askria is a CFO, Data Scientist and Market Researcher all packaged into one. The platform gives startups the power to predict their future, so that they do not have to wait forever. Essentially, Askria is the Co-Founder startups never knew they needed.


askria logo


Askria’s leverages a startup’s data to help them to make financial and business decisions. The platform allows for businesses to quantify their decision-making processes, spend less time on data cleansing, catch revenue leaks and get optimal financing solutions. The platform specialises in working with pre-seed to Series B tech startups.


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