46. Sawan Douglas Shah

Company: Tropical Heat Group

Website: https://www.tropicalheatgroup.com/home/

Business: A food and beverages company making a positive impact on the East African community through the proceeds from product sales.


About Sawan and Tropical Heat Group

Sawan Douglas Shah is CEO of food and beverages company Tropical Heat Group. Tropical Heat Group began in 1973 out of the founders’ home kitchens in Thika Town, Kenya. Over time, the company started to grow and is now a leading manufacturer of snacks and spices in East Africa, and a household name in its country.

The company offer a range of different snacks and spices, as well as a list of recipes for tasty dishes including Chicken Masala Curry and Creamed Corn and Jalapeño Soup.

Recently, Tropical Heat Group have launched a line of potato crisps, which Sawan comments are “produced with passion and packed with purpose”.

With a vision to create “the perfect potato crisp”, hundreds of hours in research and development went into this product, creating a distinctive and unique snack. However, Heroes crisps have more to them than just their great taste, helping Tropical Heat Group make a positive impact on society and giving back to their community.


tropical heat crisps




Proceeds from each and every pack of Heroes contributes to impact projects – these impact projects spanning across 6 different areas, including Education, Health, Community, Wildlife, Sport and The Environment.

So far, the company have added waste bins in the city, while carrying out numerous tree planting activities. They have also donated books to libraries and schools to support education throughout the area.

Sawan comments that “Through all these initiatives, we aim to have a lasting impact on society. One of the aims of heroes is to raise awareness for all the acts, large and small, that make the world a better place.”


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