10 Advertising Formats for Businesses to Consider

Advertising online is incredibly common now given how popular the internet is as a means of generating new customers. So, what are the top 10 advertising formats available for businesses to use?

Banner Ads

This is a really simple ad of a banner which contains some short text or graphics that clearly show your business’ product or service. They usually appear as a hyperlink at the top of a specific website, but they can also be used on different social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Pop-up Ads

These will appear in their own window and as the name suggests, literally pop up as soon as the user opens whatever web page they are going to. They are an incredibly easy way to get your product in front of web users, although some people find them annoying.

Interactive Ads

These allow the web user to engage with the ad. For instance, with sites such as Cinema Casino, which has some of the best UK online casino, they would provide a slot machine for the user to press, which upon spinning will take them to the site where they can claim their prize.


These are discounts that get offered to users if they were to engage with your product or service right away. They are incredibly effective as a lot of people are keen to take advantage of the deal they’re getting.

Interstitial Ads

These ads open in a browser when the user clicks onto another page. They will only appear for a moment before the intended page is loaded.

Advertising Via Email

Email marketing has proven to be very effective as you are able to reach a large audience at a very low cost. Of course, unsolicited emails often result in a fairly poor response, so you should ensure you are trying to market this way to customers who have shown an interest in your business.

Ad Tracking

These functions can be implemented into all types of ad, but they are incredibly important when it comes to figuring out what works and what doesn’t. By placing a tiny file into the ad, then you are able to see who has engaged with your ad and if that engagement has led to conversion. This is useful for planning future marketing strategies.

Sky Scraper Ads

These are incredibly long and skinny ads that usually run down the left or right hand side of a website. They can be effective as they are very eye-catching, and they stay with the user wherever they are on the site.

Social Ads

Given how popular social media has become with millions and millions of people frequenting different platforms every day, it’s no wonder they are an effective means of online advertising. By placing ads on different social sites, you are guaranteed to generate new foot traffic to your website.

 Video Ads

Videos can be an incredibly effective means of marketing as consumers tend to engage with videos more than they do with text, and they can be used to communicate a large amount of information in a short amount of time.