5 Essential Qualities of A Good CV

Finding a job can be a long and stressful process. Sometimes, the stars align and a job just falls into your lap but you can’t depend on this happening. Instead, you should have a quality CV within reach that you can send out at short notice. Anyone can write a CV, but if you want yours to stand out from the mediocre ones around it, this is what you need to include.

Make Sure You Are Focused

A CV should never run to more than 2 pages. 2 pages is ample space to list all of your achievements and qualifications, no matter how accomplished you are, and should also have room for a personal statement as well. Most CVs will only be scanned by employers initially before they decide if they are worth looking at in more detail or not. If you want to make it through the first stage and give yourself a good chance at triumphing in the second, you need to make sure that the content is focused and they aren’t having to wade through a whole bunch of information that they don’t need.

Neat Presentation

Your CV should be clearly divided into sections and paragraphs so that it is as easy to read as possible. You don’t need to go overboard, but you do need to show that you care how you present yourself to prospective employers. If you struggle with stuff like this, it might be wise to use an online CV building tool like livecareer.co.uk,

Tailor Your CV to the Audience

If you just send the same CV out to every business that you can think of, not only will they be able to tell easily, but you will also find that you get very few callbacks. It doesn’t matter what business you are sending your CV to, you need to give them some indication that you know who they are and what they do and there is a reason that you have decided to approach their business specifically.

Your Personal Statement

A personal statement is a vital part of your CV but it is one that lots of people overlook. Obviously, any business will want to know that the people it is considering employing are qualified for the job, but they will also want to be sure that you will fit in as a member of the team. your personal statement is also an opportunity to show a little bit about who you are and will mean that you are more than just a list of qualifications and grades in their minds.

Keep Things Current and Up to Date

Once you have produced a good CV, you then need to keep it updated. Even if you are happy in your current job, it is worth keeping your CV up to date so that if and when you do need to send it out, all you need to do is make some minor adjustments so that it is tailored for whoever you are sending it to.

Once you’ve found the winning formula, you will find it easy to get employers interested in you. If you aren’t receiving any interest despite sending your CV to every business you think you could stomach working for, it’s usually a sign that your CV needs a touch-up. A good CV makes the entire job hunting process much quicker and easier.