5 Sales Enablement Tools Every B2B SaaS Company Should Consider

Today, the B2B software as a service (SaaS) industry is among the fastest-growing and most profitable parts of the global economy.

However, it’s also one of the most competitive marketplaces around. That means B2B SaaS companies have to pull out all the stops if they wish to capture a valuable slice of what experts predict will be a $908.21 billion market by 2030.

One of the ways they can do it is by providing their sales teams with sales enablement tools that give their sales reps the knowledge, content, training, and guidance to successfully engage potential buyers.

The sales enablement space is in itself a $4.02 billion subsector of the SaaS industry and one that plays a key role in turbocharging the results of SaaS firms locked in a fierce struggle for market share.

But which sales enablement tools are worth investing in? To answer that, here are five tools every B2B SaaS company should consider adopting.


Demoleap is a real-time guided selling assistant that accompanies sales reps during all calls in the sales process, including discovery, qualification, product demonstrations, and customer onboarding.

The platform offers access to playbook templates and assets and AI-powered features such as voice-triggered battle cards, live call speaker insights, and real-time dialogue transcription, in addition to automatic CRM integration of call notes.

Demoleap’s AI can even carry out automated screen-sharing product demonstrations, relieving sellers from stress and enabling them to focus on the call and customer at-hand.

The dashboard serves as a pop-up window along the side of the seller’s screen, gauging the call as it happens and offering suggestions to help them adequately answer any questions thrown their way.

By helping sellers achieve high-level performances on each call, Demoleap brings consistency to sales teams, making it an indispensable tool for SaaS sales teams looking to increase productivity.


Ambition was created to help businesses build metric-based coaching programmes, action plans, and follow-up procedures that boost the individual performance of sales team members.

It incorporates gamification to support engagement and motivate salespeople to put what they learn into practice during live sales calls and meetings.

Plus, it offers a scorecard system that puts performance data right in the hands of sales reps and managers so everyone can keep working towards shared performance goals.

According to Ambition, its suite of tools routinely delivers 25% increases in sales rep activity YoY, frees up to seven hours of manager time per week, and drives up sales rep retention by 25% over three years.


Emissary is a sales enablement tool that helps SaaS sellers understand the needs and desires of their targeted audience in a unique way.

It’s a knowledge network that gives SaaS salespeople direct access to real people who’ve worked inside the very businesses they’re targeting.

It’s an excellent tool for crafting winning prospect-specific pitches by incorporating insider knowledge of decision-making pipelines, cultural data, and internal business goals.

The network boasts over 12,000 former senior executives from Fortune 500 firms in its ranks, so it can be a trove of valuable data for any SaaS sales team.


Guru focuses on knowledge management—aiming to turn every sales rep into a product expert. It integrates with existing customer communication platforms to offer instant, comprehensive answers to any conceivable question a prospect might ask.

It aims to eliminate the need for any sales rep to derail a prospect call with promises to get back to them with the information they’re requesting.

Featuring a powerful AI-based data classification and search system, Guru also helps new sales reps get up and running without the crippling knowledge gaps that come from inexperience.


Mindtickle is a platform that speeds up sales rep onboarding through effective product training, coaching, and performance metric collection. It also helps sales teams spot and correct knowledge and skills gaps within their ranks.

It does this by supporting the analysis of real-world customer interaction data and allowing for the creation of individualised, gamified training courses based on insights gleaned from it.

Plus, it provides an easy-to-use heat map system that can alert salespeople to their deficiencies and direct them to coursework that can help them correct it.

Investing in Success

By investing in the right sales enablement tools, B2B SaaS companies can help their sales teams succeed in a crowded and difficult selling environment.

They can also improve their customer experience by better supporting prospective and new clients from their initial contact through their onboarding and beyond.

Plus, they’ll end up with more successful—and therefore more satisfied—sales reps, reducing attrition and improving retention.

In the unforgiving SaaS marketplace, such outcomes can be the difference between merely surviving and thriving.