Adam Nathan Catering – From Events to a Thriving Delivery Business


Hertfordshire-caterer Adam Nathan has been impacted like many others working in events and hospitality over the last few weeks.

As a result of the Covid19 Coronavirus, weddings, parties and hospitality events have been cancelled left, right and centre – and this caused the young caterer to think on his feet.

Responding to the change in business, Nathan set up a food delivery business and quickly generated over 300 orders in his first week.

Promoting his meals on social media, Nathan, 32, selected four dishes at £8 to £10 each, requiring a minimum order of £45 before the cut-off of Thursday evening – and the orders quickly flooded in.

“I wanted to stay true to my menu,” he told TechRound. “My food has always had a middle-eastern twist, so I wanted to make my favourites of za’atar chicken and lamb tagine in the first week.”

“The meals and process are designed to help people during the pandemic, with food delivered in trays that are easy to store and freeze. I make my deliveries once a week so people can stay inside but could easily enjoy these meals over several days or longer.”

Adam Nathan Catering listed 4 meals on social media that customers could choose from and have delivered to their door.



Adam’s first meals included lamb tagine and za’atar chicken (above)


“The traction and response has been overwhelming and I have already secured 550 boxes ordered in week two, in under 48 hours. In these difficult times, I am humbled and thankful to have so many friends, family, old and new clients supporting me.”

“Delivering food to doors is like a whole new experience and I look forward to being a full-time caterer again. But for right now, I am delighted I can still run a business in some shape or form.”


The pandemic has seen a number of self-employed business owners adapt and change their business models overnight. This includes children’s entertainers, tutors and gym instructors offering shows and videos through Zoom, Facebook Live and Google Hangout.

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