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Adam Simmonds Optometrist

Adam Simmonds Optometrist Adam Simmonds Optometrist

Located in London’s Primrose Hill, Adam Simmonds Optometrist is a small, independent business that offers specialist eye tests and top-quality designer optical frames.

Adam Simmonds Optometrist stands out from the other eye care practices by sticking strictly to the traditional values of customer care, and offering only the top-quality optical frame designs. Through this piece we will be exploring who Adam Simmonds is, the ins and outs of the Adam Simmonds Optometrist business and what this independent private practice has to offer.

Who is Adam Simmonds?

Adam Simmonds is an optometrist and the proud owner of Adam Simmonds Optometrist. He is a specialist not only in optometry, but also in progressive lenses (using them himself) and in treating dry eyes. In addition to this, Adam is also a member of the British College of Optometrists, and studied Ophthalmic Optics at The City University in London.

At only 26 years old, Adam Simmonds created his first opticians in Soho called Eye-Tech, which became renowned for a combination of excellent, and formerly unheard of, optical frame designs and fantastic customer service. Adam later sold Eye-Tech in the early 90s and took a seven-year sabbatical. In 2001, Adam Simmonds Optometrist was then established, and had instilled the same values from the earlier Eye-Tech of great quality designs with superb and personal customer care.

Adam believes that in the mass globalisation of optometry businesses, the world of eye care has become somewhat lost, impersonal, and fixated too much on sales. Therefore, Adam Simmonds Optometrist strives to stick to traditional values, with customer care tailored specifically to the individual’s needs, never putting a sale above someone’s eye care. It is for this reason the Primrose Hill private practice’s integrity has never wavered, and if a customer does not need glasses, they will not be urged to purchase them, and rather suggested to do eye exercises to help reduce eye strain.

Adam Simmonds is therefore an optometrist who is passionate about his trade, and wants to provide his customers with the best possible experience when entering his business.

What is Adam Simmonds Optician?

As touched on briefly above, Adam Simmonds Optometrist is a private practice owned by Adam Simmonds and located in London’s beautiful area of Primrose Hill. The practice offers specialist knowledge and eye care in the following four disciplines:

  • Optometry
  • Progressive lenses
  • Dry eye management
  • Optical frame designs


As in the name, Adam Simmonds Optometrist offers up its expertise in optometry to help you in the management of your eye care. Apart from Adam Simmonds himself, optometrists Rush Patel and Delphine Donnadieu also offer up their specialist hands to help give their customers the best eye care possible.

In addition to this, Adam Simmonds Optometrist has often been referred to as the “optician’s optician”, with difficult cases being handed over to the private practice from doctors, opticians and ophthalmologists alike. These cases are referred to Adam Simmonds as the owner is one of only a few specialists in dry eye disease and management in the country.

Progressive Lenses

Being a wearer of them himself, Adam Simmonds prides his practice in offering the best quality progressive lenses out there. Using computer aided design in the form of nanotechnology, the lenses offered at this private practice provide extremely precise distance vision in addition to offering a wider field of vision and a reading zone that is optimised in comparison with older generations of such lenses.

Dry Eye Management

As touched on previously, Adam Simmonds is one of only a handful of dry eye specialists throughout the UK, and so offers expertise that set him apart from the standard optometrist practice.

Dry Eyes is a common condition that has not been taken all too seriously until quite recently. However at Adam Simmonds Optometrist, the private practice offers effective treatment for relief of this condition.

Optical Frame Design

Alongside all the specialist treatment and services that Adam Simmonds Optometrist provides for its customers, on top of this, the practice offers a fantastic selection of great quality, independent optical frame designs. Although designer and of great quality, the private practice prides itself on offering all of its brands either at or below the price that is recommended by the manufacturer. The main brands that Adam Simmonds have to offer include those listed below:

  • Celine
  • Preciosa
  • Lunor
  • Vintage
  • Kuboraum
  • Mykita
  • Jaques Marie Mage
  • Thierry Lasry
  • Barton Perriera
  • Anne At Valentin
  • Theo
  • Garrett Leight

The optometrist is a independent business, with a small team of specialists. This private practice uses its small nature in to its advantage, priding itself on having, and further upholding,  traditional values when it comes to customer care. Instead of having a new optician every time customers come in for an eye test, the expert staff at Adam Simmonds Optometrist like to build up a relationship with every one of its customers, learning all of their personal details and requirements to help provide the best experience possible, tailored explicitly to their likes and dislikes.

Adam Simmonds optician Rush Patel has over 15 years’ worth of experience in opticians and optical frame designs, being known as the “sports eyewear guru” who also has extensive knowledge on such brands stocked as Lindberg and Theo. In addition to this, Delphine Donnadieu also has extensive knowledge in the French designer brands this private practice stocks, and can therefore offer great advice to customers when deciding which design to go for.

Reviews for Adam Simmonds Optician

Adam Simmonds Optometrist has built up a fantastic reputation for itself in Primrose Hill, dedicated to giving its customers the best experience and eye care treatment for them in a friendly and familiar environment. But don’t just take our word for it, read through reviews given by Specs Network and All In London by clicking these links.

Additional Details for Adam Simmonds Optician

Adam Simmonds Optometrist is located in the very heart of Primrose Hill. To find it on the map, and for all other contact details, please click here.

For more details on Adam Simmonds Optometrist, including how to book an appointment and to browse through their collection of superb optical frame and designs please visit his website above.