Adaptive Work in Under 3 Seconds.


Research shows that changing the office dynamic and using a standing desk can increase productivity in the work place by up to 46%. A sit-stand desk can get you from sitting to working whilst stood in under 3 seconds. Using a standing desk is a lifestyle choice that should be embraced long term. Although many benefits start straight away, you need to stick at it to gain the best benefits. Highlighting the benefits a standing desk. Gregory Garrett M.A, a public health doctoral student and head author of the study, explains: “we began to see larger increases in productivity with the stand-capable groups as they became habituated to their standing desks.”

With many companies concerned about the cost of standing desks, it is easy to decide to buy as an increased level of employee productivity over time will more than offset these initial expenses.

In an alternative study, a group of 10 office workers used a standing desk for 180 minutes after lunch and found this reduced blood sugar spikes by 43% in comparison to sitting for the same amount of time. The same study results also showed that alternating between sitting and standing every 30 minutes throughout the day reduced blood sugar spikes by 11.1%.  Sitting for longer amounts of time also contributes towards a greater risk of developing heart disease. A study found that jobs such as bus conductors who stand all day had half the risk of heart disease, compared to their colleagues in the driver seats, showing the benefits of standing more at work.

More research has found that using a standing desk effectively increases mood and energy levels, while stress levels reduce and signs of fatigue decrease throughout the day. Keeping that positive attitude alive and thriving couldn’t be easier with a standing desk.  The desks help to promote a more positive working environment for all in the office, with fresh thinking and new ideas. Using a standing desk can help decrease body discomfort caused by prolonged sitting, by more than 75%. This is an issue in many working offices today, and some go about their day to day lives in severe pain.

Varidesk comes ready to unbox and ready to use, a sit-standing alternative that provides support at any height. With a simplistic and hassle free design it couldn’t be easier.  Effortlessly made to fit perfectly into any workspace no matter your requirements. Choose from the Pro Plus 30 for just £275 ideal for the use of 1 monitor or the Pro Plus 36 for £365 a larger desk to accommodate 2 monitors. Both available with a two-tiered design to keep the mouse and keyboard separate, so you can decide what works best for you.

Varidesk are so confident you’ll feel the benefits that they offer a full refund and free return if you aren’t happy after trying it for 30 days. For more information and please visit