Bidroom: Giving Control Back to Hotels


Founded in 2014 by Michael Ros and Caspar Knieriem, Bidroom is an innovative, award-winning platform for hotel bookings, wanting to improve the hospitality industry for both hotels and their customers.




In 2017, the company was made the World Tourism Forum Lucerne’s Start-up Innovation Camp Winner out of 170 participants. It also won TravMagazine’s Best Travel Startup in the Netherlands during Noordwijk’s Travel Gala, 2018. During the start of 2018, Bidroom partnered with Visa during, and became Visa’s preferred travel booking platform.


The Inspiration Behind Bidroom

The founders launched the platform after learning from hoteliers about their struggles with booking sites; these platforms charging high commissions and giving hoteliers have a lack of control over their own bookings.




Both Ros and Knieriem set about developing a platform to help make a positive difference to the hospitality industry, giving hoteliers back their control over revenue and bookings. Bidroom claim that their goal is to “bring fairness back to the travel industry by providing all the benefits of an online travel agent without the excessive costs for both parties.”


How Does It Work?

Bidroom aims to make finding the best hotel deals easier, using its technology to provide booking deals lower than those shown on various other booking sites.

Bidroom works by scanning through prices from other hotel booking sites, and applying discounts on these prices. Bidroom can make these discounts as unlike other hotel booking sites, hoteliers won’t have to pay hidden fees for bookings made by the platform. Bidroom depict themselves as “a bridge connecting the hotels to their guests directly, giving control back to the hotels and the best prices possible to our members.”



Bidroom in 2020

As we enter a new decade, this innovative startup plans to continue its work revolutionising the hospitality insutry, making the sector a fairer place for both guests and hotels.

Late last year, Bidroom announced new partnerships with 16 travel and lifestyle brands. These new deals will enable Bidroom members to access further benefits and discounts on such features as care hire, hotel luggage storage, tour/activity tickets and more. These partnerships are expected to help improve traveller’s experiences whilst abroad, enhancing their holidays with great offers carrying on throughout 2020 and beyond.