Building a Social Media Strategy For Startups


Donald Trump said that you shouldn’t quit, but you should be flexible with your goals. Considering how far people like himself have risen, it makes you wonder how true this advice really is. Consider the fact that some people dream of flying a car into space, and people like Elon Musk actually do it.

This is the same Elon Musk who was once so poor he had to share a studio apartment. Perhaps the best and most suitable advice for all social media campaigns is that you shouldn’t quit your efforts, but that you should also be flexible. Your social media campaigns are going to pull you in a whole bunch of different directions, and sometimes it is better to go in the direction they point rather than doggedly sticking to your original plan.

You Should Not Quit

How does this help you build your social media strategy?

Firstly, it suggests you should think long term. You should be setting long-term goals and creating long-term plans. Secondly, you should create goals and then engineer several paths to your goal. That is where flexibility comes into play. You should also be fairly specific with your goals and try to tie them into your sales numbers.

You need to stick with it. The most popular social media profiles have taken years of uploading to get to where they are. There are shortcuts and ways to make things easier on yourself, but if you quit, then all your efforts were for nothing.

Optimising For Sales

Perhaps the third best advice, besides not quitting and being flexible, is that you should always be working to optimise your content so that you make sales. Yes, things like viewer numbers and subscribers are important, but they are not as important as social media fools you into thinking they are.

Too many social media campaigns get caught up with drawing the most likes or getting more and more followers, and people think they are being successful when they drive all this traffic, all these followers, and all these likes, but what is the point of it all if they are not converting into sales. You need quarterly reviews to see how your sales conversion number is looking and you need to come up with ways of improving your sales conversions so that the people you attract are the ones you are actually selling to.

Getting Started is Very Difficult

Not only is it difficult, but it is also darn demoralising. You can create some absolutely brilliant content, and nobody will see it. Even now, you can go onto TikTok, you can buy coins to promote your first five videos and you can watch likes and followers pouring in. Then, after a month, stop spending coins and let your five videos run on their own steam, and perhaps upload a sixth video.

Take note of how almost nobody will look at your videos, and you certainly won’t attract more subscribers. The difficulty in getting started is why you should consider a site like Fame Swap where you are able to buy your strong start.

Getting the wheels turning is the most difficult part. If you have a ready-and-waiting audience, then success is far easier to generate and stimulate in the short and medium term. Yes, you read that correctly, even in the medium term when your social media profile has been around for two or three years, without that strong start, you will have to struggle very hard to get even the tiniest bit of attention.


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