Top 10 Business Broadband Providers For Large Companies

Having a stable and reliable internet connection is key in today’s age of digitisation. For the majority of businesses in the UK, an online presence and digital communication are essential to their success, regardless of their size.

It is important to consider your business broadband provider and the features they offer in line with your business requirements, to ensure you are getting the best broadband package currently on the market. There seems to be an endless number of internet providers online, making the task of finding an appropriate provider for a large company all the more challenging.

Though fear not, at TechRound we have scoured the internet to find the best broadband providers and listed them here to make your internet search a little bit easier. Take a look at our recommended providers and their features below. 

2. bOnline

First, is bOnline which provides users with free line installation and a free wireless router when they join, as well as unlimited broadband internet usage.

bOnline pride themselves on their simple switching process whereby the whole process is managed by bOnline, saving businesses the hassle of spending time and energy on broadband set-up. Plus, they have a price match guarantee alongside a free account management app. 


2. BT

British Telecom (BT) offer a wide range of internet broadband products which can reach speeds of up to 314Mbps. Some of their key features include superfast and ultrafast packages, enhanced 4G assurance, extra security, and a fixed price promise. BT is a multinational company that is more than capable of getting large corporations online. 


3. Direct Save

Direct Save as a provider has a wide selection of broadband packages which offer users the choice of usage levels available. Their 24-month contracts and UK-based customer support ensure that customers are well looked after should any queries arise. Direct Save have upload speeds of up to 20Mbps, plus other speeds reaching 80Mbps. Direct Save, therefore, have a number of draws for UK businesses. 


4. Gigaclear

Similarly, Gigaclear offers four business internet packages, ensuring there is something for organisations of any size. Gigaclear provide free installation and next-business-day maintenance for most packages. What’s more, they have discounts for new customers, making the switch to Gigaclear all the more inviting. 

5. Plusnet

Plusnet is another British internet service provider. They cater more towards startups and growing businesses but certainly have the capacity to reach the demand of larger companies. Plusnet offers packages with speeds reaching 76Mbps along with unlimited broadband internet usage and fixed IP addressing, similar to their competitors. 


6. TalkTalk

Much like Plusnet, TalkTalk provides users with unlimited broadband internet and call packages. The broadband giant offers speeds up to 76Mbps, new lines installed if required free of charge, network-level security, and seven-day-a-week business support. TalkTalk has a range of packages tailored to specific business sizes, making them a top choice among UK companies. 


7. Community Fibre

Additionally, Community Fibre has a number of fibre broadband speeds suitable for small and large businesses alike. They offer customised solutions with fast installation and 24/7 support should you need it. Their speeds can reach up to 10Gbps, and their packages include a fixed IP address. Community Fibre is therefore not one to be missed if you’re considering changing broadband providers.


8. Focus Group

The award-winning UK business telecommunications company Focus Group deliver flexible and reliable broadband packages which can be tailored on request. Focus Group often assess a company’s current system and then propose a solution to meet their needs more effectively. They are UK based and have impressive customer service reviews. 


9. Hyperoptic  

Hyperoptic is a fibre-to-the-building internet service provider based in London offering a selection of high-speed broadband with speeds reaching 1Gb. There are options for combination broadband and phone packages depending on your business needs, plus an option of 12 or 36-month contracts. Hyperoptic also provides customers with unmetered data usage which is certainly worth taking into consideration. 


10.  O2

Finally, O2 deliver fast-fix times available for customers alongside flexible packages which are simple to set up and manage. O2 pride themselves on packages which are ideal for remote workers and those operating a remote or hybrid working policy. Plus, their 24/7 support for businesses situates O2 as a popular broadband provider for large companies.