Why Business Connectivity Is More Important than Ever

Business connectivity methods have had to adapt and re-evolve in today’s ever evolving digital climate. Following the arrival of COVID-19 in 2020, it is now more important than ever for businesses to adapt to the new changes in connectivity. There are several new types of technologies and softwares available today which can help businesses grow while maintaining their digital communication. 

Types of Digital Communication for Businesses 

In previous decades, the major form of business connectivity was through traditional landlines and paper advertising. Today, businesses can benefit from various forms of digital communication – whether it be social media, interactive websites or new software and technology. 

Utilising Online Social Media for Business Growth

Over 94% of the population in the UK use and rely on the internet. The internet, as a primary form of digital communication, is a key component to business connectivity growth. Using social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, are (and should be) at the forefront of businesses depending on their industry and competition. 

New Software for Better Productivity 

Being able to easily and seamlessly publish advertisements and offers for businesses is also made easily today by new software applications. For instance, businesses today can benefit from cloud technology with their projects, business and employee information being easily accessible and saved. 

Other forms of business connectivity are available through software, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications, digital marketing tools and even project management applications. Currently, for whichever aspect of a business, there are hundreds of available digital products online which can help growth and revenue. 

Easy to use, install and run – online software, whether it be for tracking finances or team building skills, there are various new technologies available online for growing and established businesses. 

Challenging Traditional Landlines – VoIP Systems 

Another new and popular form of digital communication that is changing the landscape of business connectivity is VoIP phone systems. VoIP, an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, which sends voice data digitally over the internet rather than through analogue like old landline phones do. Find out more about VoIP and how it can help your business at https://www.bonline.com/.

VoIP phone systems are a great option for startups and growing businesses, as they can be offered at a competitive rate and are feature-rich. You can take advantage of digital receptionists, call handling and even seamless team video calls. 

Without a doubt, we will continue to see VoIP business phones be referred to as one of the best forms of digital communication for business connectivity. Especially with traditional landlines being switched off in the near-future in 2025 and 5G networks marking their place in the UK.  

What Are the Benefits of Using Digital Communication? 

Traditionally, businesses could establish their brand presence through methods, such as newspaper advertising. In addition, before COVID-19 hybrid and remote working options were less frequent – or even almost unheard of – meaning employees had to rely on traditional landlines and the internet, such as through emails, to communicate with each other and with customers. 

However, today, there are various forms of digital communication technologies which enable businesses flexibility and the chance to establish themselves in an increasingly competitive market. There are various benefits to the new forms of business connectivity available today. 


With the internet introducing many new exciting forms of digital communication, one of the greatest advantages of online communication is its flexibility. Whether you’re a freelancer or starting a new business, you can benefit from online software and systems such as VoIP business phones. Many new communication methods also enable calls, both voice and video, to be made from anywhere in the world – making remote and hybrid working easy as the world recovers and adapts from COVID-19. 


Many new forms of digital communication are affordable, as they can be easily downloaded onto devices such as mobile phones, computers and even tablets. For businesses, this is extremely advantageous with employees being able to use new software from home and at the office. It is also pertinent for startups to benefit from the ever changing digital landscape, and many technologies enable this. 


One of the key aspects of running a business is its employee’s productivity. Software, whether it be CRM or digital marketing tools, can help businesses analyse their performance and how they can improve to better their growth. Using online forms of digital communication also offer many features, such as video call conferencing, which are easy to use and teach. 

The Verdict: Business Connectivity Today

Inevitably, all businesses will have to adapt to the new and evolving forms of digital communication. While new forms of connectivity rely on fast or reliable internet, this is becoming increasingly available wherever you are in the UK. Being able to provide 24/7 support and connection with customers is unparalleled with the new digital communication on offer today, whether that be VoIP phone systems, digital marketing tools or project management software. Each have improved customer experience and developed businesses’ growth vastly.