Business Profile: Practical CFO

  • Practical CFO offers clients advice on all aspects of running their business. 
  • They have a small team of accountants and advisors to help SMEs and start-up businesses.
  • Using KPIs and other benchmarks, Practical CFO develops a clear strategy for clients to follow for growth and success.




About Practical CFO

Practical CFO (PCFO) are an experienced group of people who want to help SMEs and other start-up companies succeed in their endeavours. To do this, they use data from the company along with financial and technological insights to advise the client business on their next steps. 

They also assist companies with their financial compliance, especially those that have no financial experience. 

PCFO’s advisors can work alongside the client business’s board of directors and management to help the business during its early stages of growth. This is an important time when growth and sales are vital to the onward success of the client company. 


Wide-ranging expertise

Practical CFO has expertise in many areas of business, so companies don’t have to seek help from several firms at one time. 

  • Setting up a business plan can be difficult, so Practical CFO colleagues will help create the right business plan and identify the opportunities there may be for growth of the client company. 
  • Investing in the right way is crucial, especially for start-up companies. The team of financial advisors at PCFO is highly experienced and can offer important advice on the best ways to utilise funding to get the best results. 
  • Although young companies may be concerned about scaling up their business, there are often opportunities to do so. Practical CFO is able to recognise the best time for a company to scale up its operations and how this can be achieved. 
  • Managing cash flow and other financial decisions can hold some companies back. However, with an experienced team of financial consultants, PCFO can not only offer advice, but also guide companies to becoming compliant with all the relevant legislation. 
  • If a company decides to sell, no matter how old the company is, Practical CFO have colleagues who can help with an exit strategy and also get the best deal for the business owners and board. 
  • With their business planning, they can help companies that want to acquire new business and grow their company. 



Financial director consultants

For companies that may have lost their way financially, Practical CFO offers commercial and interim financial director consultants that help the management and board of directors to put a strategy in place. 

The consultants deal with all of the reports and figures for the business, taking that burden out of the management’s hands. They can also offer a fresh perspective on the company and where it is going financially, so that everyone has a clean picture moving forward. 

They can also advise on funding applications, exit strategies and potential acquisitions so that there is minimal risk to the client company. 


Growth strategy advisors

Business owners can become weighed down with the day-to-day running of a company and lose sight of where they want the business to go in the future. This is where growth strategy advisors can help. 

These advisors are experienced in looking at where a company is now, and where it needs to be in the future. They can also advise on the best course of action to reach that goal. The advisors are a good alternative to a permanent member of staff, as they have the benefit of seeing the wider business and where good opportunities can be found. 

Growth strategy advisors can look at cash flow strategies, help a business with the planning of its resources to get the best results, and set realistic growth targets that the client company can reach. 


Technology business support

Emerging technology businesses can have a hard time at the beginning because of the financial commitment needed to grow. Experienced technology finance advisors can help companies gain the funding they need to grow and build a solid base for the business. 

Advisors can help raise finance from investors, secure loans with banks and other financial institutions, get access to government grants, and deal with mergers and acquisitions. 

With this information available, technology companies can effectively plan their strategy and work towards growing their customer base and reinvesting in the company. Advisors will also make detailed reports regarding the finances of the company so that the management and board are fully aware of its financial state. 

Outsourcing these essential roles to an outside company frees up businesses to work on growing their company and getting results instead of trying to juggle too many things at one time.