Business Profile: Suited Insure

  • Cover that is simply priced
  • Smart insurance for freelancers
  • No additional fees


About Suited Insure

Suited Insure Ltd. was founded because of the belief that it could offer a better insurance experience to freelancers and contractors than was available on the market at that time.

Despite the work of the Financial Conduct Authority, many freelancers and contractors were at the mercy of unreasonable policy fees, unjustified charges, and bad customer service.

The founders of Suited Insure decided to eliminate many of those things from their insurance model and give freelancers and contractors a positive experience.

To provide this, they took the traditional insurance profile and changed it to suit those that were self-employed.


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Suited’s New Approach to Insurance

One of the first things that Suited did was create a friendly and helpful customer service experience. This makes it easy for customers to deal with them, plus they are able to help with any queries.

Another area where Suited wanted to improve the experience was technology. Having a system that runs smoothly and isn’t complicated not only makes it easier for customers, but also easier for staff trying to find the best deals.

Pricing is one of the areas that Suited wanted to change the most. They wanted to create fair and upfront pricing that had no hidden fees and a pay-as-you-go plan that enabled freelancers and contractors the freedom to pay monthly.

Suited wanted to partner with an established and respected insurance company. They decided to work with Great American International Insurance (UK) Ltd. This company is part of the Great American Insurance Group which has roots going back as far as 1872. Their experience in the insurance world is what Suited Insure wanted to offer to their customers so that they get the best quotes possible.



How Does it Work?

Suited has developed a way to offer a customer a quote by only asking four simple questions. They have done this to make it as easy as possible for their customers. They will only make further enquiries if the customer decides to buy.

They have a 24/7 do-it-yourself portal that helps customers see their accounts and make changes whenever they wish. Customers are also able to purchase insurance at any time of the day because of their automated system.

Suited also offers a pay-monthly option so that customers can spread the cost of their cover throughout the year. This is a great benefit to those that work freelance and as contractors.

Unnecessary fees are something that causes a lot of pain to customers. Getting covered with Suited means there are no fees for updating or changing a policy. This applies to those who use the 24/7 portal as well as those who call the customer service team.

Another huge benefit is the ability to ‘hibernate’ professional indemnity cover when between contracts. This is particularly helpful to freelancers and contractors whose work can be uncertain.

All in all, when independent professionals want to be sure of obtaining the insurance products that they can count on – such as professional indemnity cover, public and products liability, and so much more, there really is no need for them to look beyond Suited.