Cato Networks Introduces Instant RBI Featuring Single-Click Activation

Cato partners with RBI leader Authentic8 to improve user productivity without increasing risk

At the RSA Conference 2023, Cato Networks, provider of the world’s leading single-vendor SASE platform, announced the addition of Cato Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) to its Cato SASE Cloud platform. With Cato RBI, enterprises can deliver RBI to all users worldwide in minutes, allowing them to access unclassified websites and applications, without compromising their security.

IT teams face a dilemma in the grey area of new, unclassified, websites: block them to achieve security or allow them to improve user productivity. “Cato has been consistently innovative in helping customers achieve the balance between security and user productivity,” said Ofir Agasi, Vice President of Product Management at Cato Networks.

“With Cato RBI integrated into Cato SASE Cloud, we extend that balance by allowing users to browse unclassified websites securely.”
Enabling Users to Browse Uncategorized and Potentially Malicious Websites Safely 
With new websites appearing all the time, users inevitably need to access uncategorized sites. Too often, though, uncategorized sites are the source of cyber-attacks. Blocking them leaves users frustrated and unproductive but enabling them increases corporate risk.

Cato RBI addresses the problem of allowing access to potentially malicious websites by loading them in an isolated browser remotely from the user’s device. A safe version of the site is then streamed to the user’s device without the site’s original code. Security and productivity remain intact.

Cato RBI provides protection against a wide range of browser-based attacks such as unintended downloads of malware and ransomware, malicious ads, cross-site scripting (XSS), browser vulnerabilities, malicious and exploited plug-ins, phishing attacks, and more.
Cato Partners with Authentic8 for Their Proven, Cloud-native, and Best-in-Class RBI Technology
To deliver the most reliable and secure RBI technology, Cato decided to partner with Authentic8, a world leader in the field of RBI. Authenic8’s RBI engine is cloud-native and globally available, making the integration with Cato SASE Cloud reliable, consistent, and completely transparent to Cato customers.

“Seamlessly delivering isolated web access triggered by risk context is exactly what the market is asking for. Rigid solutions that require installing dedicated browsers or changing users’ workflows fail to scale in today’s decentralised IT environment,” said Miguel Ramos, Authentic8’s Head of Product. “We’re delighted Cato Networks has selected Silo’s cloud-native isolation API as the foundational browsing technology for its customers.”

Cato RBI: Part of a Comprehensive SASE Security Stack, Enabled Instantly
Cato RBI is fully integrated with the rest of the Cato SASE Cloud security capabilities which include FWaaS, SWG, IPS, NGAM, CASB, and DLP. Being part of a leading SASE platform revolutionises RBI usability and ease of deployment.
Rather than dealing with complex routing and policy configurations, deployment, and maintenance, Cato RBI requires nothing more than a few mouse clicks. It is equally available to all internet traffic from all locations and edges worldwide.
While the underlying technology is extremely advanced and part of Cato’s multilayered protection, the configuration of Cato RBI is exactly the opposite. IT and security administrators can now simply select “isolate” alongside “block” or “prompt,” which are typically the preference for uncategorized sites.
Enterprise IT teams are now better equipped to secure their users when accessing the internet: allowing access to “good” websites, blocking “bad” ones, and for everything else, using Cato RBI.
For additional information about Cato RBI and to learn how to protect your enterprise instantly, visit us here.