How Has Corporate Entertainment Changed Over the Years?

As technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, so too has the world of entertainment, both within the corporate sphere and in general. This has led to tremendous advancements in corporate entertainment events, heightening expectations and making them bigger and better than they’ve ever been before. The events entertainment industry is already known for its constantly changing, on-trend nature, and with consumer demand as a driving force, it has transformed corporate entertainment from basic food and drinks to unique, unforgettable occasions.

The entertainment at a corporate event can make or break the night. It’s become so much more than a company event, now being a reflection of the brand and its attitudes towards those attending. With so much weight now behind corporate events, many businesses have seized this opportunity to further their reputation, and strengthen relationships with relevant parties. Some of the most on-trend themes that have defined modern corporate entertainment include:

• Interactive entertainment
• Performers
• The personal touch

Each of these themes hold a variety of different entertainments that have transformed corporate events into memorable occasions. Whether a business is big or small, each one of these themes has something for all to include in their next event.

Interactive Entertainment

With the average attention span having significantly dropped in recent times, it’s important to keep guests engaged during a corporate event. There’s now a whole host of interactive entertainment out there to keep people engaged and interested during an event, including Virtual Reality games, where guests can immerse themselves in a fun, digital world.

Photo Booths have also become an incredibly popular feature that many companies now include as part of their entertainment at corporate events. These booths provide a fun way to get guests engaged in the event, and can be great for strengthening relationships with the business, for example with staff taking funny photos with clients and members of the team. With innovative solutions and apps like Snappic, photo booths are a lot more accessible than many may imagine, Additionally, with the advent of such apps and solutions, it has never been easier to share the photos taken around the office.


Businesses can also entertain their guests with performers. There are a variety of different performers available for corporate events, including comedians, magicians or, if you’re feeling daring, fire breathers. There are a range of different types of performances available to book for corporate events, many of which can not only entertain guests, but also get them engaged and enjoying themselves on a more personal level.

As well as this range of eccentric performers that have become popular at corporate events, hiring a band or singer is now also a widely used tactic to entertain guests. There are numerous different types of musicians and bands available to rent for corporate events, this range helping to personalise the music to the occasion; be it a calm, relaxing acoustic set blending into the scenery of drinks and a sit-down meal, or a rock and roll band helping to liven up the dance floor.

The Personal Touch

Bespoke entertainment has also become a greatly used feature for corporate events, helping to make guests feel important and valued by the host. It can also get guests more engaged in the activities of the event.

With audiences today becoming desensitised by the influx of online advertisements, many businesses have started to personalise their marketing strategy in order to capture attention. Finding this effective, businesses have also now begun to replicate this during their corporate events, providing personalised mementos of the event, interactive performers, and other means of bespoke entertainment to capture their guests attention.

By adding a personal touch to the night’s entertainment, businesses not only keep their guests satisfied, but also engaged on a more personal level. The personal touch can help to enhance guests’ experiences of an event, and thereby their experience with a business, strengthening their relationship with it.