Complete Our Form – What Are Your Business Challenges This Year?

Dan Sainsbury, TechRound’s Resident Psychologist and Business Coach takes the major challenges that the lockdown has given us and presents the solutions and a method to vastly increase revenue.

With every problem and adversity you face, there is often a vast set of solutions, buried from sight. But they are there for the taking nonetheless.




Challenge 1: Working From Home makes us unmotivated and uninspired, away from the buzz of the office.

Perhaps so. But it also gives us zero commute, zero stress of crowds on trains, the ability to set your office up in a beautiful room in your house and a 30 second commute into work.

It gives us the opportunity for true quiet and introspection, which is a breeding ground for fertile ideas and great energy to execute those ideas.

Use the power and leverage of asking yourself excellent questions during this time to set the stall for outrageous success in your company.


Challenge 2: Sense of isolation.

Aside from getting into the juice of working on your VSE, talk with inspiring and intelligent people, share your ideas and insights with them, ask them meaningful questions. Have at least 1-2 hours of interesting conversation with fellow humans.

Read every day. Books on success psychology, intrinsic motivation, founder success. Just 15 minutes a day will stimulate you to look at your world in completely different and fruitful ways.

Move your body for at least 30 mins a day. This will ensure you get out of the white-noise of your head.


Challenge 3: Worry about losing clients or not gaining enough new business.

Get on the phone with clients, not to sell but by really hearing how they are, how business is. Ask them their biggest challenges and then spend time alone or with them to create solutions for them that will move their dial.

The more clients you spend time with, the more patterns you will detect and the more you may be able to create new products and solutions for them that are then sellable en masse to your target industry.

This is a great opportunity to produce more revenue than you’ve ever produced, by staying calm, introspective, insightful then executing on your new vision and insights in such a way that is going to help many people.


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