Digital Relocation, an NHS First, Delivering Best in Class Global Mobility


At present the NHS is going through a big recruitment exercise to combat the national staffing crisis. The People Plan has been created with a view to making the NHS the best place to work and has a specific focus on a new operating model for workforce.

Current estimates show that the NHS is short of over 11,000 clinicians and 50,000 nurses and it is becoming more widely accepted that overseas recruitment is the only sustainable solution.

Remedium Partners have pioneered a best in class end-to-end recruitment process designed to ease the transition for overseas clinicians joining the NHS for the first time. Optimising the journey has become an obsession for Remedium with founder Philip Braham always believing that the better the service provided by his company, the lower the rate of attrition for his NHS clients.

This is why Remedium introduced a digital relocation platform to help Trusts recruit, retain and welcome the best talent from across the globe into the NHS. Since foundation in 2013 Remedium have helped over 2000 clinicians relocate and have seen retention rates improve for early adopting Trusts who have provided incoming clinicians with access to Remedium’s digital relocation platform.


“Current estimates show that the NHS is short of over 11,000 clinicians and 50,000 nurses”


NHS clients working with Remedium’s digital relocation platform are being credited for a proactive and innovative approach to recruitment. The digital relocation platform not only outsources a large portion of the onboarding work for Remedium’s clients, but enhances the relocation of the clinician.

The digital relocation service includes the provision of an interest free loan meaning the clinicians do not need to worry about their first months rent prior to arriving in the UK. This works really effectively as a supplement to the relocation package offered by the trust in place of a typical cash advance. Finance is always a major concern for any individual relocating to the U.K. particularly as the cost of living rises significantly. The provision of an interest free loan through the digital relocation platform drives the focus of clinician towards their new post and delivering in their new role in the NHS.

The platform is also built bespoke for each trust providing insights about the surrounding area such as rental prices, schooling for those bringing children and key landmarks. This rich supply of information is then combined with 24/7 access to a dedicated support team should an individual query arise.

Providing tech within healthcare recruitment has to add value back to the client and Remedium’s digital relocation is encouraging more people to join the NHS and stay within the system by providing the best possible welcome to the U.K. Over 95% of the clinicians Remedium have placed remain in the NHS to date as Remedium continues on its mission to Solve the National Healthcare Staffing crisis. Each trust able to offer an enhanced service for potential candidates will attract more talent to the NHS and will help to reduce vacancy rates nationwide.